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It's visible from the street! This is not that kind of neighborhood. What kind of trash puts up a clothesline? OP, why Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore you selling your house and moving immediately to a better neighborhood?! What are you, poor or something?

I actually love them. It is such a great photo-op. It's an environmental thing--dryers use enormous amounts of energy. Prizes to be awarded! people like the way linens smell when they're dried outdoors. Query whether they have Sycakore keep it up all the time.

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Don't you get Interracial swinger in Santa Fe fl I'm not happy with my neighbors!! Clotheslines are making a comeback as a ladie alternative, good for the planet, energy efficient thing. OP, you are no longer hip enough to live in your neighborhood. I'll give them about two weeks before they're not happy with you either.

I'm in a charitable mood today or I would give it less time than that. Some homeowners feel Clotheslines will lower property vales, especially when someone is trying to sell their house.

My grandparents didn't own a clothes dryer. My grandmother would wait for a sunny day to launder clothes, then hang things out to dry. It makes things smell Sycamlre. But I remember helping her hang sheets to dry on blustery winter days, ladles that was no fun.

OP the only time clothes will be on that line is during the daytime, when you would be at work. So, which is it OP? If thats the case, you have bigger issues to Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore with. Or maybe you're on disability, no doubt because you have a Naked women Aberdeen al lodged up your ass. Or maybe you're retired, in which case you are old and will be dead soon so no one cares.

There was a ban on clotheslines in the Hamptons in the early s; it was repealed when town board members recognized it was an environmentally conscious thing and a great energy saver.

So if you can have a clothesline in the Hamptons, I think Sycajore subdivision in Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore ladkes sustain its property values. Martha Stewart loves to line dry her bed linens.

She did a segment on it on her Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore. OP you need to call Martha and let wahts know that she's complete and utter trash. Shame on that trashy Martha.

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Just pure white trash. R20 Sec makes OP's shit fit even more pathetic. One day out of the week there will be clothes on a line and she is having a meltdown.

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I feel sorry for the new people living next to OP. How long did it Syccamore for them to decide they had to get away from him? I am upscale, I have a clothes line outdoors. I use it to dry clothes and sheets. Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore prefer line dried sheets in particular.

It is low rent, R They're supposed to spend the money to get poles put in Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore ground and have the clothelines installed, and then buy clothespins, baskets and the other things they would need if Louisville Kentucky women wanting casual sex weren't saving money.

I used when I was a kid. I use a dryer now since my yard's too small to hang my laundry. Shame, drying in the sun worked better than any machine; you just had to remember to bring your clothes back Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore before sunset, which I usually forget to do lol. During the energy crisis in CA it was suggested that people use a clothes line rather than an electric dryer. Neighborhood groups were outraged! To hell with the energy crisis, clothes lines were tacky!

It is amazing the number of communities in CA where clothes lines are illegal. I'm not sure if I would hang my clothes on a line in some parts of CA. The Sjcamore quality is too poor. Who wants glowing nuclear soot on their bedsheets?

My neighbors bought the room townhouse next door to our house last year. But they're both MDs and he's a university ldaies, and they came from the Southwest, and they're all phony-baloney environmentalists. So they shut off the gaslight, ride bicycles to Syczmore he does - I think she has early-onset dementia because she keeps Sycqmore to push Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore property line over and calls the garden plants and trees we've put in "mine.

Out it all goes, and what a sad combination of sensible cottons and old lady panties it is. And the clothesline is under a big sycamore tree - lord. And she's out there with a manual push mower. God, I loathe phony Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore who buy big, count their money, contribute nothing, and pretend to earth-saving actions about which they sniff at others for not emulating. Swingers Personals in Sasser

To be nice I took home-baked goodies over for the holidays and told them how nice it was to have them as neighbors. Not even a thank you. Absolutely R32 Martha Stewart raves about her chickens and her gardens. Pure white trash I tell you. Is not having a clothes line an American thing? Apart from people who live in apartments, Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore never known anyone not to have one, even if it's small.

Dryers are terrible for the environment and the sun is a natural antiseptic, so most people I know prefer Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore hang their clothes out, using the dryer only on rainy days. I guess it's easy for me to say as I live somewhere warm and windy and most of my clothes are dry within a few hours.

I realise that's not everyones reality, but surely some parts of the states fall within this category.

I miss using a clothes line. So efficient, good for the environment, clothes last longer and smell fresher. I never see them anymore, and I suppose it might look out of place in a very wealthy neighborhood, but I can't imagine it would matter that much.

If they had a rusted school bus maybe, but Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore I have one here in Phoenix.

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Takes five minutes in the summer for things to dry. The alternative is the dryer running for hours. I'm not a snob on most matters, but I agree with OP on this one.

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I don't care how environmentally friendly clotheslines are--they just look trashy swx me. And I think clothes are softer and fresher coming from the dryer, not exposed to birds and vermin and smog oh, my!

Sorry to get you all in a fit, but I just had to vent. The Wanfs house is the only house in my neighborhood that has a clothesline, and it just looks "poor white trash" to me. Most people around here have drying racks in their basements for clothes that can't go in the dryer. Maybe it's a Northeastern thing, I don't know about the rest of the country, but clotheslines around here have a "low-class" stigma about them, and it Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore affect property values.

This woman can see a Gloucester guy seeks date friday and saturday feet of her neighbor's clothesline from her backyard when she stands on her tip toes and cranes her neck. Provide proof if you believe they lower property values.

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If not for that reason, are you embarrassed when you see laundry drying outdoors? I live in Denver. It gets really windy here, and dust flies everywhere.

Wouldn't this stick to your sheets and clothing?

I also have a lot of pigeons outside I wish I could line dry to save wsnts though. What kind of trashy neighborhood does OP live in that one can see the backyards from the street? No fences, hedges, trees, etc.?

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How do people sunbathe in the nude, or grow marijuana? I could not live in the vicinity of a household that used a clothesline OP. Imagine the airborne bacteria from that trashy line. I am truly horrified that the Centers for Disease Control have not prioritized this.

I use a clothesline ldies as well as indoors. In my neighborhood no one can see anyone else's backyard so perhaps that is Naughty ladies wants sex Sycamore I don't find it the least bit offensive. The neighbors in question don't have a fence, just a rock wall that was built in the 's or something like that.