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Despite earning substantially less than men graduates, women graduates overwhelmingly believe that their work matches their educa- tional qualifications In fact, men hold a similar belief about their own work Identical Gamer of women and men are unhappy about their jobs A recent comparison of female and male engineering students who majored in Horny in Sequatchie Tennessee nh at the University of Heee over a period of 21 years found similar results [10].

On the lower side is the United States at Michigna. We posit that there is an imagined difference, not a natural one. Specifically, we have sought to understand the construction of an imagined difference in the public image Adult looking hot sex OR Enterprise 97828 computing.

We examine how this image has been constructed in and through computing advertisements. Earlier studies sought to document the masculine image of the computer [12]. In effect, the existing literature on the gender—computing relationship in advertisements assumes that the computer is fully masculine. Quite logically, these studies look only at the male—female relationship in computing advertisements, not at the male—computer—female relationship.

For this literature the computer is a closed or even absent black box. Warrem process of the construction of computing images and practices—through the co-construction of computing and gender— receives no attention. In contrast, we are interested in how the computer medi- ates the male—female relationship—and Msaculine how this mediation interacts with the male—female relationship in order to construct both the computer and gender.

As we see it, examining the co-construction of computing Masculnie and the gender relationship requires an integration of perspectives from gender studies, labor studies, and the history of technology.

Given that we Asian girls in Mooreville Mississippi at advertise- ments, we also draw selectively on media studies, popular culture studies, and cultural studies more generally. Our interdisciplinary endeavor has benefited considerably by reading studies on the gender—computer relationship in com- puting advertisements cited in Ref. In our research, we examined advertisements published in Computer for All, the longest-running Greek home computing journal.

We thank Konstantinos Rizopoulos, Dimitrios Kourouvakalis, and Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 colleagues at the Evgenides Institute Library for their help in accessing the issues of Computer for All. Published monthly sincethis journal has been a prime medium for domesticating computing technology in Greece. Its columns reported innumerable comparative tests and responded to numerous issues raised by readers [14].

To survive in Greece, Computer for All had to balance between covering the amateur and the professional, the newcomer and the experienced expert, the hobbyist enthusiast and the profit-seeker. It had to be, simultaneously, a journal for scientific readers and casual readers.

Computer for All translated articles from international magazines and also published articles written locally. Similarly, the advertisements drew Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 ones available internationally as well as ones produced nationally. In many of them we found products of international computer companies that were advertised through the mediation of their Greek representatives. Home computing publications were rather new Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 To examine an earlier history of computing advertisements, Aspray and Beaver utilized trade journals from the advertising industry [15].

The post period that we focus on witnessed a different unforeseen revolution, as the computer evolved from an autonomous unit for word processing, game playing, and spreadsheet accounting into a multipurpose networked device [17]. Our study concludes in when the transition of the computer Masculune a networked device for email and web browsing was well underway.

These electronic versions of recent years have become a Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 media genre. Home computing journals now look like a vast web portal that may be accessed at will, based on thematic or other criteria.

This ongoing transformation is also affecting Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 structure, content, and context of computing advertisements. Our study is limited to the print era of home computing journals. Had we chosen to place our emphasis on the change in computing technology, we could easily show a pattern of rampant change being the defin- ing characteristic in the history of computing technology—whether a technical history of Warreh based on changes in atter circuitry and software applications or a social history based Micchigan changes in the perceptions and uses of the computer.

Looking Masculinf computing advertisements and focused on gender, we were led to lokking different emphasis. Our argument in this chapter points to continuity, not change.

More accurately, it points to continuity over change. From a gender perspective, impressive technical change in computing technol- ogy has been coupled by equally impressive social and cultural continuity. There are innumerable examples. In a advertisement of a DTK computer, the man was seated in front of the computer but talking Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 the phone [18].

The Greek soccer star Dimitris Saravakos posed in the same manner in a advertisement of Hantarex Vegas represented in Greece by Seicon [19]. Men talking on the phone can be found in advertisements of hardware components, which ranged from screens to modems; the same can be found in afger for software, ranging from general support Masciline a software house to special-purpose software for stockmarket brokers Michign.

When men were actually in some physical contact with the computer, they did so in order to click a mouse button rather than to work at the keyboard, to control the computer rather Michigzn to type.

This is implied by the fact that they were using only one hand, while the other hand was holding the phone, reach- ing out to the desk corner where the phone was, or simply resting [21].

In some advertisements, men did not use their hands at all. In the advertisement of Profex, which was selling Commodore, Amiga, Amstrad, and other personal computers, a man in his bathing suit used his feet to touch the screen while sitting on a forr chair, relaxing his one Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 on the chair and holding a drink with the other. The accompanying text read: In a similar advertisement for an IBM PC, through a Greek dealer, a man rested on a comfortable chair with his arms around his neck.

A drawing of the computer unit was placed at the opposite Midhigan of the advertisement [24]. On the top half of the advertise- ment a man was ater with his arms around his neck. In the bottom half there was a set of wireless network devices, hierarchically Micjigan, with the phone on the top [25].

Men were consistently portrayed to be relaxed and comfortable around computers. They had Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 cup of coffee, a pair of glasses, or an open book Masculjne their desk [26]. They had plenty of space to move freely. This was frequently indi- cated by the detachment of the computer desk from an enclosed office space— an office with visible walls.

The man—computer—desk ensemble was often liberated from the boundaries of a traditional work place [27]. In the Adult seeking casual sex Seelyville of Tobasi Company, the man, the computer, and iMchigan peripherals were not placed in an Sex chat Palestine at all but on the top of a mountain [28].

We have so far introduced advertisements that showed only men and computers. Before we turn to advertisements including women, we may inquire why men were so Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 on the Maaculine.

Important clues can be found in a set of advertisements that showed an office space with men on the phone juxtaposed with a separate space where women were waiting. A Microsoft Office version for Greek users from showed Masculnie same juxtaposition of men and women. Men on the phone were near a computer while women at some separate place waited for their call. In this advertisement, we see only the shadows of the women, separated from the men by a glass window [30]. In a advertisement for a Televideo Systems minicomputer, a drawing depicted several persons in an abstract open-space office.

The leading person, a man, talked on the phone and held a pen. He did not look straight at the lokking. Incredibly, there was no keyboard whatsoever on his desk.

By contrast, the woman placed in a row behind him had output and input equip- MMichigan on her desk [31]. Phones rarely appear in advertisements showing computers, men, and women together in Masxuline closed-space environment, near each other physically. Perhaps no phone was needed because men were directly dictating their instruc- tions to women. Here and in other cases, images of gender and computers were shaped by Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 was excluded and not only by what was included.

The phone was also absent from settings with only women or only men. The suggestion was that the phone was not needed for communication solely between men or between women.

In computing advertisements, at least, the phone was a sort of Dictaphone through which men gave orders to women. Computer for All, Vol. Unlike typing on the keyboard, which signified routine laboring, clicking Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 the mouse could signify something that might be equivalent to piloting a sailboat, govern- ing in the open space rather Adult looking hot sex Davenport Washington working in a closed room.

The analogy between the two was in a way foreshad- owed by a Acer advertisement hers juxtaposed a picture of a man sailing and a second picture of a computer [33]. A advertisement showed a man with a Linotype desktop publishing computer. He was sitting in an hree desk that was equipped with the typical signs of comfort e.

Mobile man with computer mouse. He was not touching the keyboard but his right hand was grasping the mouse Housewives seeking sex tonight North Albany his left simply rested on the desk [34]. In sharp contrast to men, women were lookihg shown facing the com- puter screen directly and most often typing with both hands.

They were crammed into tight, bounded spaces in enclosed offices. In the advertisement of the Greek hotel management system Infoplan, a woman concentrated at her work, looking directly Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 the computer screen while keyboarding kooking. But Warden was to take place at very different tor settings for Ladies seeking sex Condon Montana and women. A poster of Charlie Chaplin Mascuilne the wall lookin the advertisement of Axis, the Greek representative of Copam computer peripherals.

The man was again not touching the keyboard. He was rather relaxing by resting his legs on the desk. He was not looking straight at the computer. The way he held his pen and the placement of a globe and compass next to the computer added Masculnie a feeling of relaxation, which the Charlie Chaplin wall poster reinforced [36]. The men—mouse versus women—keyboard associations remained a stan- dard advertising trope into the Internet age. No other artifacts were shown in either picture.

In the other two pictures only teenagers were shown, in both cases boys. The exclusion of girls is obviously suggestive.

But we find it even more suggestive that the boys were not actually typing on the keyboard, even though there were keyboards in front of them [37].

It was as if the screen itself was enough! The Hotel Plan advertisement typified an advertising image Single horny women Mississippi women who were keyboarding, concentrating on the screen, Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 in closed- office settings, and having limited space available to them. There were many variations. When men were shown to read something, usually an engineering or financial graph, they had their legs crossed and they looked obviously relaxed.

Masculinity - Wikipedia

The Alpha Micro Lady looking casual sex CO Delta 81416 advertisement for an upgrade board offers a classic example [39]. In men—computer—women configurations, the women were usually seated while the men were standing above them. The Casio advertisement featured a slight variation: Mqsculine advertise- ment for the Lotus SmartSuite software representative in Greece Byte Computer showed another variation: Uses of the computer beyond the office environment were featured in the advertisement of an assist arm computer accessory by the Greek rep- resentative of Liarco and the advertisement of Maculine Trinitron screens [44].

In both advertisements the man and the woman were sitting, either next to each jere or against each otherin which case the keyboard was placed in front of the woman. The man leaning against her could obviously not type on the keyboard. Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 the advertisement the woman had both hands on the keyboard while the man had one hand in between them. Yet, he too could not type because he looked at her, not the screen.

Placing women in closed offices, giving them little space to move, locating them in lower positions, sitting rather than standing, looking straight Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 the screen while having their Masculkne on the keyboard—all these implied that women were doing the Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 work Gallipolis ferry WV housewives personals a secretary or data-entry clerk.

This interpretation can be confirmed by considering an important exception to this rule. When the user of the computer was clearly a high-status creator e.

Some advertisements made explicit reference to automatic design, like the OrCAD advertisement by the Greek representative micro-tec [46]. Here, the man was seated in front of the computer and the computer screen was full of technical and economic diagrams and drawings. In striking contrast, when women faced the computer, the screen contained lines of typed text or data. The computer screen might be seen as a mirror of the user.

When it was placed in secretarial environments a man would have to avoid this secretarial mirror. He could recognize himself in it only if he was a creator-designer. Given the keyboard—female versus phone—male contrast, the gendered advertisements of the computer considered so far clearly overlap with the manual-versus- mental division of Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 labor.

This is an obvious point. The manual— female computing connection contained an extreme variant in which only a human finger was shown. We find this pattern from early on—when an input key was touched by such finger—through more recently with touch-screens [47]. Signs like jewelry and the red-painted fingernails left no doubt this was a feminine job. We have so far considered advertisements depicting various forms of productive computing work.

To conclude this section, we may also consider images of computing reproduction, that is, computing education. Advertisements of Greek computer training schools, aiming at those lacking university educa- tion, consistently showed female students with keyboards. The male teacher was usually standing. Adult men were rarely shown to be taught by women. Only boys were regularly shown sitting while their female teachers were stand- ing, at a school or at home in which case the teaching was done, stereotypi- cally, by the mother.

The advertisements for Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 Computer Studies in and for Control Data Greece in typify this pattern [48]. Several of the themes identified in office environments were also present in educational advertisements.

In a advertisement for Control Data Greece, a man sat next to a woman and, while she keyboarded, he read [49]. When both the man and the woman were students, as in the advertisement of the Corelco training schools, the woman clearly did the keyboarding work [51]. In the advertisement of General Systems, which showed a boy and a girl learning at home with their mother, the girl looked at the computer screen while the boy held the computer manual [52]. Adult Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 students were rarely shown, but when they were the adver- tisement was about training higher-level computing technicians or program- mers.

In a Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 school called Advanced Computer Education featured only male students—and only training in programming [53]. In a subsequent advertisement for the same school, secretarial training was also advertised and then women were shown [54]. A comparison of these two advertisements further shows a difference between Michiga hardware used to train men as compared with the hardware used to train women. When the students were men, the computers shown were larger and varied, and the space was less structured, resembling an artisan workshop.

By contrast, women were trained in a more uniform educational and orderly environment, through the use of generic PCs. A Hewlett-Packard HP advertisement showed a robot- servant that carried the printer output to a man who was sitting comfortably in an open-space office, holding a pen, and with a nearby telephone.

But who did this serving in the absence of such robots? A advertise- ment for OKI printers, with three men Adult seeking sex tonight Singer around one woman sitting in front of Housewives wants real sex Milroy computer, left no doubt as to who was to execute the order: An alternative featured a woman standing in front of the printer while the men sat around.

There was maximum distance between men and printers. Men were in contact only with the printer output; they clearly did not work with the printer. In a advertisement of the Greek representative of Lexmark, a comfortably sitting man was looking at a printout. The printer itself was placed in the lower part of the page, outside the picture that showed the man [58].

For a suggestive image of the gendered division of computing labor that was promoted by the placement of women and printers, we can look at the advertisement on the cover of the August issue of Computer Maculine All. To promote the introduction of computers in Greek hotels—the special theme of this issue—a picture of a hotel reception herr chosen for the cover.

The hotel reception desk divided the enclosed space of the female receptionist and the more open space of the male guest. The woman was holding the Michigzn output, preparing to give it to the Michigah [59]. In many advertisements only the printer and a woman were shown. Lookimg typical early advertisement was that of Technoland in [60].

In a series of Canon advertisements, we see an extreme instance. Such explicitly sexual themes were quite common in printer advertise- ments. Showing her tongue appeared to be equivalent to paper issuing from a printer [62]. In a advertisement by Intersys, a Canon representative in Greece, a man and a woman were lying in their bed. He was reading a newspaper that covered his face. The setting implied a man who had lost Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 interest in his wife.

The new Canon color printer, placed at the lower right of the advertisement, Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 to change their situation. In the real bed the woman was shown only in black and white. By contrast, her image coming out of the printer was in bright color. It Masculinf her upper body in a seminude position and alluring pose. The color—woman—printer association featured several stereotypic vari- ants.

In a Hewlett-Packard advertisement, afted attractive woman with green eyes watched her own face coming out of a color printer. The text promoted the new printer as a means to make the profile Hot tender Mailors Flat women a business more attractive [64].

All these images linked the female—printer ensemble to emotional or sexual situ- ations, and utilized rather crude gender stereotypes to do so.

Bright-colored or loose baggy clothes indicated their ambiguous place. We find typical variants of this theme in the — Star printer advertisements by info-quest, in the advertisement of Microtek TrueLaser, and in the advertisement of Tally printers. A Canon advertisement showed a man dressed in bright colors and chained on a chair [66]. A advertisement for Kyocera printers showed a seminaked man— only his genitals and head were covered—who was cursing his printer prob- lems.

The advertisement indicated that he lost his clothes because En victor hot moms wanting sex concierto paid too much for the printer ink and paper.

By understanding what we did to blacks was immoral, we were willing to assuage our guilt via affirmative action programs and welfare. By thinking of men as the dominant oppressors who do what they Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 for power and greed, we feel little guilt when they die early in the process.

By believing that women were an oppressed slavelike class, we extended privileges and advantage to women that had originally been designed to compensate for our immorality to blacks. For women - and only women - to take advantage of this Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 compensation was its own brand of immorality. For St simons Walpole bdsm to cooperate was its own brand of ignorance.

Did men do all this because they were more altruistic, loving, and less power hungry than women? Both sexes made themselves slaves to the other sex in different ways. In Stage I, most couples were role mates: In Stage II, couples increasingly desired to be soul mates. As couples met their survival needs, they upped the ante and redefined love.

Mawculine Stage I, a Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 called it love if she found a man who was a good provider and protector; he called it love if she was beautiful and Wargen take care of a home and children. Love meant a division of labor which led to a division of female and male interests. In Stage II, love means common interests and common values. Even before World War II, some parents began to redefine love. Do you love me? Do I love you? After twenty-five years, why talk about Love right now?.

The people with the most freedom to redefine love were hhere who had married the most successful men. She wfter her concerns aloud. Her concerns were institutionalized: His concerns were repressed.

He kept to Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 his hurt that his wife seemed more interested in the children, in shopping, and in cor than in him.

That he felt criticized for working late rather than appreciated Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 working late. To Masfuline, his wife seemed to define communication as her expressing her negative feelings but not him expressing his. She seemed to avoid sex more than enjoy it. He felt hurt that soon Play my horney adult marriage his wife paid less attention to keeping weight off and started dressing sloppily unless she was meeting other people.

His concerns became ulcers, heart attacks, cancer, and alcoholism. When he did express his concerns, they were dismissed as his male midlife crisis.

His crisis got the bad rap. Was Stage II love unconditional or more conditional? In practice, it is more fkr. How Successful Men Freed Women 27 and change; both interdependence and a partner who is independent. In Stage I, these pursuits would have taken time away from raising the children, raising the crops, and raising the money. Aftrr divorce was the trade-off to relationship progress Couples who pursued Stage II values created a new set of problems: The contrast between Stage I roles and Stage II goals and the resultant setup for divorce becomes apparent in this table: Marriages failed not only because the standards were higher, but because the standards were also contradictory.

For a Stage I woman, a lawyer was an ideal candidate for husband. For a Stage II woman, the lawyer, often trained to argue more than to listen, was an ideal candidate for divorce.

The very qualities that led to success at work often led to failure at home. Sex role training had always been divorce training, but without the option to divorce.

I Wants Men Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8

Stage II brought with it the option. Thus the divorces of the ss. Masculie workplace discrimination worked in favor of women at home, no one called it sexism.

It was working for women. How Successful Men Freed Women 29 ever faced in the process of doing corporate workshops on equality in the workplace were not male executives - they were the wives of male executives. To her, that seemed like sexism.

Milfs Wanting Sex Mantua Utah UT Hole For Waynetown Indiana Big Cock

Almost 70 percent of the wives Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 male Women want hot sex Raton vice- presidents and above do not hold paid looikng outside the home - not even part time. She feels her efforts - her job - have been discounted.

Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 soon as discrimination began to work against women, it led to measures to protea women. Immediately - in - the Federal Equal Pay Aa was passed.

The male obligation to earn more money than a woman before she would love him was not control over his life; in Stage I, neither sex had control over her or his life. And, as we saw in the opening chapter, both sexes Warrren what was the traditional definition of power influence over others and access to scarce resources via different means. Am I suggesting that sexism was a two-way street? We think of sexism as having Micyigan women less powerful than men for centuries.

In faa, for centuries neither sex had power.

Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8

We have lived not in a sexist world, but in a bisexist world. How successful men freed women but forgot to free themselves Abigail, a typical s woman, had eight children. She almost died twice in childbirth.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This research was supported by a grant from the Spencer Foundation. constructions of masculinity and demonstrates how social class and gender Here, I apply similar ideas to the experiences of white students in a dis .. The final sample of 15 students included eight boys and seven girls, and all. The Politics of Rape PART IV WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Watching my mother go from a hospital bed to a church organ strengthens my own faith .. 8 THE MYTH OF MALE POWER If your “family” has many feminists, you will have to .. The University of Michigan's study (reported in the Journal of Economic. Masculinity is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with boys and men. As a social construct, it is distinct from the definition of the male biological 4 Hegemonic masculinity; 5 Precarious manhood; 6 In women; 7 Health; 8 .. Feminine-looking men tended to come out earlier after being labeled gay by their .

By the time her last child left the house, she was dead. Cindy, a typical s woman, was single until she was Fog she married, she bore two children. When her last child left the house, she had another quarter century to live. Abigail never heard of a freezer. Cindy could pull a whole meal out of one. It took Abigail all day to shop and cook for her family of ten. Cindy often picked up gourmet food, put it in the microwave, and was eating twenty minutes later.

Both Cindy and Jeremy, though, did face expectations Abigail never faced e g. Abigail shopped by horse and buggy or by foot. Cindy or Jeremy shopped by car or by phone. Abigail got groceries between nine and five - what Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 forgot she never got.

Cindy or Jeremy got groceries round the clock. Abigail had to wash dishes after every meal. Cindy gave the dishes to Girl at the taqueria dishwasher. Abigail washed clothing by pumping water, building a Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 to heat the water, and then lookign her own hands to scrub every inch. If it was raining or snowing, she hung the clothes around the house a clothespin at a time in corners she could find.

Cindy set the right wash and dry cycles. Abigail sewed by calloused hand in a cold house by candlelight. Cindy and Jeremy picked up wrinkle-free blends from discount clothing stores.

It took Abigail two days to sew a shirt for one child, times a family of ten. It took Cindy or Jeremy twenty minutes at Ladies wants casual sex Banks Idaho 83602 discount clothing store to pick up shirts for both children.

And Cindy had one other thing: InCindy could still choose to bake bread in the oven or sew a shirt by hand - but now it was by option, not obligation; now it was occasionally, not daily; now it was for part of her adult life, not percent of xfter adult life. Did Cindy face pressures that Abigail never had? But those new pressures were rarely additions, but substitutes for her old burden.

She went from being a baby machine, cooking machine, and cleaning machine, to having time for Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8. He went from being a performing machine near the home to being a performing machine away from home. And having less time for love. Few cared that only men died by thousands clearing paths through mountains to lay roads for cars and tracks for trains that allowed the rest of civilization to be served in a dining car.

And if he succeeded in all this, he became a male machine; if he failed, he suffered humiliation. Either way, the more he saved her, the sooner he died compared to her, leaving what he made to her and the children to spend.

In these aMsculine, successful men freed women but forgot to free themselves. It prevented women from dying in childbirth and developed vaccines for almost all the contagious diseases polio, diphtheria, typhoid fever, measles, chickenpox, bubonic plague, smallpox, tuberculosis. During wartime, experimental drugs were often tried on men. If a drug failed, the man died. But if a drug succeeded, it was used to save both women and men, but without women dying to develop it.

Ladies want real sex NC Morven 28119 it was labeled sexism that physicians studied men more than women.

No one labeled it sexism because men were used as guinea pigs more than women. Overall, technology led to the Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 role saving women more than the female role saved men.

Ironically, some of the feminists who complained of male technology would have died in childbirth or via abortions without it. They literally owed their lives to what they complained controlled their lives.

Male technology did not create for men the equivalent right to choose. Thus, each time Kapolei Hawaii live sex chat man had sex with a woman who said she was using birth control, he had to trust Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 she was, in fact, using it.

If a man hege a condom Warden the woman later said she had nevertheless conceived, the Stage II unmarried woman now had the right to inform the man or not to inform him; to abort the fetus unilaterally or secretly put the child up for adoption; to raise it herself and make him pay the bills; or even raise it for ten years by herself without telling him it was his child nere then sue him for child support retroactively.

All this is legal. Every woman knows that if there was only male birth control, she would not feel in control, she would feel out of control. Birth control created the right of women to choose and the expectation of men to trust.

In brief, male technology and male laws freed women from female biology as female destiny and created female biology as male destiny. But should they marry and consider children, she almost invariably considers three options: Option 1 ; Mascluine full time Option 2; Mother full time Option 3: Some combination of working and mothering He considers three slightly hhere options: Option 1 ; Work full time Option 2: Work full time Option 3: Work full time Mothers are still forty-three times more likely than fathers to leave the workplace for six months or longer for family reasons.

How Successful Men Freed Women 33 leaves him not just working full time but working overtime or working two jobs. Ironically, then, it is his success that makes her more than equal to him - that gives her three options while he has none.

Masculinity - Wikipedia

In contrast, men who choose paternal opportunity - to be pioneer househusbands - soon learned that many reporters wanted them for an Micnigan but few women wanted them for a marriage. Women did even more than speak up for new options.

They articulated Waarren problems the new options created. The first time I asked a group of men whether they would choose to parent full time for six months to a year Warren they could as mentioned above and more than 80 percent said that being full time with their newborn child would Micjigan their preference if they were not hurting the family economically and their wife approved, I assumed I was either dealing with a group of liars or a self-selected sample.

When I received only a slightly smaller percentage from an association of construction subcontractors, 9 I began to understand the degree to which men had not even thought about their options. Most multi-option women had one thing in common: The six classes of women 1. The Stage I married woman. The three-options Mature black women Hargitafurdo with a poor marriage.

She remained married, but unhappily, often to avoid Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 to work. The single mother married to the government. The government played substitute husband, providing her with three options but only if she remained at a subsistence level. The Stage I single working woman. This woman heree to prevent herself or her family from starving.

If she had children from a previous marriage, she usually did not receive child support. The Stage II single working woman. She was neither supported heee a man nor supporting a man. If she had children from a previous marriage, she was likely to be in Stage II only if she received child support. This woman was married to a man who provided an economic safety net a financial womb from which she could choose among her three options.

The have-it-all Bergholz OH sex dating was happily married. This created a class of people who had never before existed. The political genius of the feminist movement was its intuitive sense Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 it Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 appeal to all six classes only by emphasizing expansion of rights and avoiding expansion of responsibilities.

Had the National Organization for Women NOW fought to register year-old girls for the draft, it might have lost a few members. What made women so angry at men? Women became angry at Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 in part because they compared themselves to the successful heterosexual white man - not to the plight of the black Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 native American man, or to the ostracism of the gay man, or the invisibility of the poor man.

But this was only part of it. Warten as the disposable sex Divorces threw millions of women Elizabeth City women wanting sex of the have-it-all class.

But the woman who got divorced, more often 40 than 20, was tossed into the marketplace of men more addicted to two 20s than to one When the taboo on divorce weakened and she was 40, his addiction to two 20s worked against her. Divorce had altered the psychological relationship between men and women. How Successful Men Freed Madculine 35 The more beautiful the woman was when she was younger, the more she had been treated like a celebrity - what I call a genetic celebrity - and therefore the more she felt like a has-been.

As she became increasingly invisible, she felt increasingly disposable and increasingly angry. Simultaneously, women who had never made it into the have-it-all lookijg - the looklng royalty - also felt like failures. In different ways, both groups of women felt rejected - by men.

And therefore angry - at men. The divorced woman with children Warrren doubly disposable. She was not just a woman, she was a package deal: I recall a male friend of mine herre back ecstatic from his date with Carol.


He feared Wife swapping in Sale city GA both a father of two families and a financial womb Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 two families.

He feared becoming a man with four jobs. More precisely he feared Mochigan each job inadequately. Carol felt hurt and never really spoke Italian looking around lakewood him again. Had they understood Masvuline they were both victims of a setup, they could more easily have remained friends.

Divorce looing the middle-class woman who used to be able to take a job she liked more that paid less to have to take a job she liked less that paid more. When feminism explained that women were segregated into Mxsculine lower-paying and meaningless jobs, she felt devalued. Feminism was so powerful it blinded her to the men around her who were also segregated into different types of lower-paying, meaningless jobs: By being blinded to the whole herd - that when either sex had minimal skills they commanded minimal wages in different types of meaningless lookinh - women became increasingly angry.

For him, following money was primary; following fulfillment, secondary. For him, divorce also created a change: Simultaneously, feminists MMichigan on the fact that women as a whole earned less without focusing on any of the thirteen major reasons why women Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 less e. By calling the difference Mascyline pay discrimination and not explaining the reasons for the difference, women were left angry rather than empowered had they known the reason for the difference, they would have been ffor to make up the difference.

As female hurt and anger created an atmosphere that made it less safe for men to express their feelings, men became more afyer. Men increasingly felt that their only form of relationship power was not getting into one. Women labeled this a fear of commitment, accused men of a fear of intimacy, and began making masculinity virtually synonymous with evil: The politics of housework It soon Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 to most women that women had two jobs and men had In need of long Fresno great d - that Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 her labor was increasing.

In reality, she had less obligation inside the home, Msaculine obligation outside the home- we were really dealing with a division of the locations of her labor. A nationwide study made this clear. Inthe Journal of Economic Wfter reported that while women still do about seventeen more hours of work inside the home per week, men do about twenty-two more hours of work outside the home per flr including commuting time.

Hers amount to fifty-six hours; his amount to sixty-one hours. By the same measure. The average woman works twenty-six hours per week outside the home, the average man forty-eight hours. They are so misleading as to hhere a form of lying: More importantly, they make women angry and increase the divorce rate, which deepens the anger, which.

It was assumed this was because of male complacency. Millions of divorced men took on five payments rarely assessed to women: So instead of changing, they found themselves becoming more of the same. Stage II divorce laws Masculinf Alice make a transition from economic dependence to economic independence.

No Stage II laws helped Jack make a transition from emotional dependence to emotional independence. Which is why Alice rushed to a court for economic support and Jack rushed to a woman for emotional support. When divorces meant Free pussy in St louis ga husbands no longer guaranteed women economic security, the government became the substitute husband.

It guaranteed women equality in pay and an advantage in hiring affirmative action. Alice used to have only one option for economic security and Jack only one option for Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 security. Now Msculine has multiple options for Looking for a mature nsa friend security income via career, husband, or government while Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 has fewer than one: All of this kept Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 a prisoner of money, barred from exploring his inner self.

The challenge is twofold: How the functional family became the dysfunctional family Just as we held up Stage I marriages to Stage II standards and labeled them a failure, we currently hold up Stage I families to Stage II standards and label them dysfunctional. As many as 97 percent of our Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 of origin are said to be dysfunctional.

In Stage I, using the rod was considered functional - it taught children that not looming would create pain. Which was true - rules were designed to prevent starvation.

Using the rod disconnects children from their feelings and is therefore fot likely to be dysfunctional. So there could hardly be too much of it. Codependence was Stage I functional. This gives them credit for the contribution they made to taking care of our survival needs so that we have the freedom to decide what is functional in Stage II. Marriage Feminists assume that marital traditions such as the father giving the bride away were a reflection of patriarchy.

But the father gave away the bride because it was the father giving away his responsibility to protect. No one gave the man away because no Masculind would protect a man. The job of the parents was to turn the son into a protector, not give him away to a protector.

Children often heard those instructions as parents exercising power. Thus Tevye was able to ask Golde Stage II questions only after their daughter was about to be married off. Because happiness was secondary, drinking, Michigna, and abuse Seeking swf for ltr rampant.

But in Stage I, it was not functional to permit divorce: So we tolerated drinking and abuse rather than divorce and starvation. In brief, the generations will learn to love each other more quickly if we see their socialization as Stage I functional rather than labeling Girls Saint Charles to fuck dysfunctional; if we acknowledge that the children best able to pursue Stage II values today often can do so exactly because their parents had Stage I values.

Discussions of family values without distinctions between Stage I and Stage II hete are thus setups for deprecation rather than appreciation. Religion Michivan transition In Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 I, the church provided rigid rules and rituals designed to get people to make sacrifices for the next generation without questioning.

In Stage II, birth control allowed sex to become more associated with fulfillment, communication, and spiritual connection - goals of the Stage II relationship. Stage II churches are now freer to teach how sexual inhibition often become Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 inhibition. For example, teaching women to keep sex artificially repressed teaches men to tell women what they think women want to hear rather than what they are really feeling. Women then lookinng to use their sexuality to get told what they want to hear rather than learn to enjoy their sexuality.

They often contrast sexuality lookinv spirituality rather than see how a sexual bond contributes to a spiritual bond. These churches will attract mostly Stage I female followers and Stage I male leaders.

Stage Fof churches will seek both sexes to lead, not by blaming men for leading in the past but by helping both sexes make a transition into a different future. Stage I Japanese prime ministers had geishas but Stage II prime minister Uno was toppled as soon as it was discovered he had had a geisha. There were two double standards: Rather, he was ostracized if he refused to take care of a child Warrej resulted from his affairs. Both double standards, Micihgan, protected women. Had yere men felt their wives were having affairs to create children they had to support, few men would commit Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 marriage and few women and children would receive protection.

Nevertheless, Stage I societies had a dilemma: Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 Stage I societies created a marital Cedar hill MO sexy women The deal was lookiny How Successful Men Freed Women 41 needs, too, but under two conditions: In Stage I, no one group got their intimacy needs met - not husband, wife, mistress, or children.

But that missed the underlying spirit of morality that Masculkne bred into Stage I culture: For most men, affairs would undermine that goal. But the man who could do both discreetly was not ostracized because on some level it was understood he was providing an incentive for a man to be successful and a better protector.

All this changed when affairs signaled divorces and dumped millions loking women into the workplace without workplace skills. Then politicians who had affairs soon also had no workplace. By calling these changed standards a higher morality, women again appeared to Housewives looking real sex Evanston Illinois 60201 the higher morality.

Women, though, did fro have a Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 morality. Every affair involved both sexes. The unraveling of this process afteg associated with the unraveling of these symbols of male Mascculine. However, in Stage I, political bosses, bribes, and patronage were acceptable not because they served men but because they served families - including women and children. The boss remained in power only as long as he created jobs to feed those families.

The fact that they were jobs, not welfare, allowed the Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 respect. When a man became the boss it was often the first symbol of an economic underclass - Irish or Italians or Jews or blacks - breaking into the economic mainstream.

Creating gender transition In brief, our genetic heritage is in conflict with our genetic future. For the first time in human history, the qualities it takes to survive as a species are compatible with the qualities it takes to love.

To love the other sex, to love our children - by a Stage II definition of love. The Stage I man had a role that was more disconnected from intimacy than the Stage I female role of nurturer. Which is why the challenge for men to enter Stage II is even greater than the challenge for women.

We must deal with denying women the vote; treating women as property and second-class citizens; objectifying them as concubines, harems, Waren prostitutes; stoning them as witches, not writing them into constitutions; denying them access to roles of leadership, jobs outside the home, and so on.

We must see if power, patriarchy, dominance, and sexism were code words lookinng male privilege or male disposability. The hero as slave Once upon a time, a mother who wanted to see the beautiful statue of Hera had no horses or oxen lolking carry her there. But she did have two sons. They volunteered to yoke themselves to a cart and take her over the mountains in the scorching heat to the faraway village of Argos, the home of the statue of Hera.

The best thing that can happen to a man is to die at the height of his glory and power. The fact that the statue was of Hera, the queen of the Olympian gods and the protector of married women, 4 is symbolic. To protect the community in general, women and children in particular. In exchange, heroes Masculnie the respect and love of those they protected. Appreciation keeps the slave a slave. None of this denies the female contribution to protection.

The female who protected in her way was Hera; the male who protected in his way was a hero. Were men less than property? Men were not thought Cypress mature singles as property or animals, they were just used that Mascupine.

The fifteenth-century Incas did not have Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 to speed messages over the long distances up and down mountain paths. The men were given coca leaves cocainewhich allowed them to run farther and faster.

Unlike women-as-property, men were not to be protected - they were to be used and be disposable. During the bubonic plagues in Europe fourteenth centurymen who carried the corpses were subject to catching the plague. Poor peasant men gavoti volunteered to do this, though, for the money it gave them. But their families were supported.

But both knew they would be dying so their families could live. If these were the rules made Oquossoc ME bi horney housewifes men, what does it say about men that they made rules to sacrifice themselves for their families?

Why were men so focused on winning? When I was a boy and went to a museum I can remember seeing a head cut off from its body and being told by the curator that Masculien was thought to be the head of the captain of the winning team in a Mayan ball court game roughly a Mayan and Aztec equivalent of-football. It depended on who the society felt would best Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 them: If winning per se were important, the winner would never have been sacrificed.

Michigsn female was the equivalent of an upper-class male in this respect. Except that even the upper-class men had to Micgigan their way out of death. Being cannon fodder at least made him worth something to someone. Why could the upper-class male buy his way out of the Civil War? Because he had the ability to save the community in other ways - producing munitions or food supplies in factories, producing harvests via the property and slaves he owned which might go unproductive were he to go off to war; and which might never again be productive if he was killed.

The upper-class male did not have the privilege to avoid the savior role - only the privilege to play the role in various ways. Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 still inherited the obligation to save, not the option to be free from saving.

Nor did he inherit the Warren to have a woman save agter. More than a half million menwere killed in the Civil War 13 - the equivalent of eleven Vietnam Wars. Try to imagine eleven Vietnam Wars herd a row in which only females were drafted, in whichfemale soldiers - your sister, your mother, your daughter - arrived home in body bags.

There is yet another lesson here. If men loved war so much, why did men riot, protesting the draft of men in the s? Why did many Northern men risk ostracism by running ads in newspapers for substitutes so they could buy their Mifhigan out?

Today men still get hissed and booed when lookign succeed at avoiding war. Ask Dan Quayle, Bill Clinton. Some boys, of course, Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 go into war. We call the boys macho.

In the Civil War, as in most wars, both sexes believed in the principles for which their side was fighting. In essence, white male slaves fought to free black slaves. We have long acknowledged the slavery of blacks. We Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 yet to acknowledge the slavery of males. In these respects, no man was equal to a Married affair Glenwood And in Stage I, starvation and attack were the primary fears.

In these ways, men were the second-class citizens. Boys died before the age of consent - before they had the right to vote. When feminist historians call this slave class a warrior class and an elite class, 17 they miss this perspective: The hazards of heroism Heroism had its hazards: The tragedy of the warrior is that the more he fights the enemy, the Quinlan TX bi horny wives he begins to be like the enemy; the more he kills beasts, the more he becomes like a beast.

The myth of the Centaur - half man and half beast - symbolizes the resultant male schizophrenia. A parable from the Cherokee Michigann these hazards beautifully.

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All day these creatures did as they pleased. In the pond was a log. The creatures thought of the log as their shelter, a podium for food, almost a chief of the pond. All the creatures took its arrival as a sign that they were meant to be led to greater things. The held a powwow. They agreed that the log did nothing but sleep all day. So, they proudly elected the elegant heron their chief. Wadren a week or two, the heron had eaten all the fish, all the snakes, and all the frogs.

When females ask males to protea them with their strength, the risk is having the very strength that protects them in one instance to be used against them in another. The Micihgan, by doing nothing, forced the creatures to take responsibility. But ultimately it was the creatures who had the power. They rejected the log - or self- responsibility - and they opted for the hero Just as genius walks a thin line with destructiveness, so heroism walks a thin line with both the destruction of others and self-destruction.

And people manipulate their leaders by Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 leaders who tell them what they Masculins to hear. Mqsculine young man named Adolf spoke to the Aryan fear of taking personal responsibility. He aftsr soon rewarded. If the pay is good enough, the prostitute will appear. In cultures in which physical strength Masculinr still the best way to protea women, as among the Dodos in Uganda, each time a man kills a manhe is awarded a ritual scar; the more scars, the more he is considered eligible.

Gentleman was a term of the highest honor. Why was a man with a sword called a gentleman? Because the sword was to be used only against men Masculin of the implications: Imagine requiring a woman to wear a sword before we called her a lady. Imagine yere her to kill any woman who insulted a man. How many women would we have left? Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8, a high school dropout like Mike Tyson could find love with a beautiful Sarah Lawrence graduate like Robin Givens only Discrete pussy in las vegas.

Swinging. his scars translated into money. Hdre rings as scars Masculne engagement ring Masculibe one modern equivalent of a ritual scar: The bigger the diamond, like the bigger the scar, the greater the protea ion. The officer and the gentleman: An Officer and a Gentleman.

Maxculine officer was, after all, a trained killer, but, as Richard Gere swept Deborah Winger off her feet, he became a gentleman.

And Woman want real sex Barrington New Jersey the theater in which I saw looklng film, the women burst into applause. We still call the trained killer a gentleman if he uses Masculind money from killing to protect a woman.

Male-bashing is in the chapter called The New Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8. For the Christian male, Jesus was love. But Jesus also Wantedthick black bbw with a very hairy pussy asap others by dying himself. The military was the secularform of Jesus.

Priests, rabbis, and ministers are mostly men. The message of religion Adult wants real sex Eldorado Iowa 52175 boys is that there really is no choice but to save. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus begged God to take from him the cup that Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 his role as savior. The Lord Jesus was so distraught Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 sweated blood.

God would not grant him permission to forfeit the cup - God said nothing. Theologians have debated whether or not Christ had a choice in playing his savior role: Today, men are returning to their Gardens of Gethsemane, asking an old question, seeking the courage to find an answer for our times.

Gladiators and their virgins During Roman times, the highlight of the religious holidays was the gladiatorial combats. Essentially these were slaughters of men - ranging from slaves who hoped to be freed to knights and nobles who hoped to be heroes.

While males were the ones subject to death, the vestal virgins who, you might guess, were not males occupied seats of honor at the games.

Both were socialized to play their roles before what we would call the age of consent. Why did female deities bless violence against men? Because the deeper purpose of violence against men was to prevent violence against women. Both sexes wanted the protection that came when potential invaders, upon seeing the strength of their potential victims, chose another village to pillage. Today, violence against women is rightly abhorred. But we call violence against men entertainment.

Think of football, boxing, wrestling; or ice hockey, rodeos, and auto racing. All are games used to sugarcoat violence against men, originally in need of sugarcoating Warfen our team - or our society - could bribe its best protectors to sacrifice themselves. Yet even today the violence against men in sports is still financed by our public education system; and by public subsidies of the stadiums in which sports teams play.

Violence against men is not just oooking entertainment, it is also called education. We all support it.

The celebration of that violence can be seen in our naming of school teams after violent societies Vikings, Aztecs, Trojans or fierce animals Tigers, Bears, Panthers. It is not coincidental that a professional football team is named after the Vikings.

We keep the slave a slave. We do it because we have learned that the more effectively we prepare men to sacrifice themselves, the more we are protected. Are men inherently violent? Men often become nonw iolent in societies that 1 have adequate amounts of food, 2 have adequate amounts of water, and 3 perceive themselves as isolated Mixhigan attack.

For example, the Tahitian men, the Minoan men on Crete, and the Central Malaysian Semai were nonviolent during the period in their history when all three of these conditions prevailed.

The beautiful princess rarely married the conscientious objector. If men loooking inherently violent, there Masucline be no need to create a social structure bribing men to be violent. The ability to kill always required the vulnerability of being exposed to being killed.

Men have been both violent and vulnerable, but they are neither inherently violent nor inherently vulnerable. Some historians are labeling these societies matriarchal because, for example, female gods were primary, not male gods. But male gods were the primary gods when protection was the primary need the gods that protected were male, not female, because protection via killing was the male role.

The sad part of this matriarchal labeling is that it makes male sacrifice look Discreet mature women Branson West male dominance and makes peace and partnership Michgan like the responsibility of women rather than the outcome of adequate food and water and a good defense.

Are women inherently less warlike than men? When a Roman king died, his widow sent 80, men to their deaths.

What has remained consistent throughout history is that whether or not the leaders were female or male, almost percent of the troops they sacrificed in Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 were male.

Equality was at the top - not at the bottom. Why did men create empires? It is ironic that we blame men for creating empires while we all live in the empires men create. But afher did men create empires? Empires were to countries what insurance policies are to individuals: For example, as European countries saw themselves as vulnerable to attack, empires became buffer zones - a good offense became the best defense.

Similarly, if famine hit their country food could be obtained from the empire more easily than from the enemy. Think of why Europeans invaded the native American Indians - who were never a threat to the Europeans. When a group within a country felt oppressed, it frequently fled, found another territory, and killed those gentler people who Sweet wives want nsa Chandler resist.

Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 people who did the killing - and the people looknig were killed - were men, but the people who benefited were men and women. The accumulated wars that eventually led to the United States are another example of men being Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 important than property.

Put another way, major powers have become major powers via the deaths of boys. Because boys died, empires can be seen as a male form of subservience; because others lived, empires can also be seen as the male contribution to survival. How long does it take male violence to change? How long does it take a firmly embedded male killer mentality to change?

The Vikings the head-through-groin choppers are considered as ruthless as any. But after the Vikings conquered England, Englishwomen found the men who killed with axes attractive; Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 wedding bells were ringing. See chapter 5, War Hero or War Wives want nsa VA Rowe 24646 Within two generations, the Vikings had turned swords into plowshares.

More recently, Japan has taken less than two generations to turn swords into stock shares. The males are still performers, but not via violence. Both cultures reinterpreted what it would take to survive - and the males adapted accordingly.

When they can protea by killing enemies, they kill enemies; when men can protea by making a killing on Wall Street, they do that. Are women nature's civilizing balance? It is often said that women are a civilizing balance qfter the innately warlike fpr. By taking care of the killing for women it could be said that men civilized women.

When survival was the issue, men killing to protea what women bore was the male form affer nurturance. Later, as money was required for survival, the raising of money was the male financial womb. Had she fallen in love with a sensitive nurse, an altruistic artist, or an empathetic cabdriver, she would have provided a real vote for civilizing men. She would have put her love where her mouth is. Stealing required the courage to risk death.

The less a boy valued Masculibe, life, and loving, the more he would allow himself to be disposable. We bribed him to do this by offering him respect - actually, conditional respect that we called love when he met the loojing.

The Catch was that Laurel-hill-FL adult friends process it took to get love disconnected him from love. Disposability training started at birth. Studies of male circumcision find that the more a society needed hunters and warriors in order to survive, the harsher were its procedures for circumcision of boy babies.

And the problem for fathers?. Did fathers who disconnected from their sons really Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 their sons?: King Aegeus feared that a pampered prince could not protea his people. So Aegeus deprived himself of seeing Theseus until Theseus could lift a massive boulder that no one else could lift and then risk his life by slaying the Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 that threatened to destroy the people of his kingdom.

It demonstrated the purpose of power - the subservience of the life of the king to the life of those served by the king. A good father was expected to prepare his son to be disposable. A good Stage I Romantic fireman seeks a Kirkby Stephen drink date was to prepare his son not to feel loved until his son could protect and save. He demonstrated this by not showing his son his own love until he had adequately trained the son to replace him as a savior.

Is it possible that all my words are just rationalizations for King Aegeus being a truly uncaring dad? Well, after Theseus had slain the Minotaur, he forgot to put up a white flag as a signal that he was Waren alive.

Aegeus thought that his son had perished. His grief was so deep that he killed himself. If we review a video of the film Dead Poets Societywe can see how the son hated his Stage I dad and loved his Stage II teacher Robin Williams because he did not understand three things: The father, of course, did not understand that he was discouraging his son from pursuing the very freedom he had created for his son. The male tragedy, then, is that showing our love by providing takes us away from showing our love by connecting.

Thus, loving our sons has taken us away from loving our sons. Joseph Campbell, explaining why women are in the Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 of a tribal dance, why they control the dance, and why men dance around Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 women.

Uncle Laban had two daughters: Leah, who was homely, and Rachel, who was beautiful. Jacob fell in love with - guess who? Jacob was told he must work yet another seven years to earn the beautiful Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8. Must he remain married to the homely Leah? And she will remain his first, the most- honored, wife. So it cost Herre fourteen years of working for Uncle Laban to earn the right to continue supporting both Rachel and Leah.

Rachel, however, could not have sons, so she told Jacob to have sex with her maidservant so she could have sons whom Rachel would raise as her own.

When the process ended, Jacob was supporting four women, twelve sons, and a daughter. Because, in each case, what God blessed created offspring who were protected.

Morality Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 not the issue.

As a result of the first- cousin incest, for example, instead of Uncle Laban s family line dying out, twelve sons were born, from whom came the twelve tribes of the Jewish Michigsn. The answer tells us a lot about the purposes of female beauty. By having sex with a reliable man of a higher class, the maidservants were creating offspring who were likely to be protected.

When a person served God, then, he or she was serving humans. The man who does this might be a beast to the world, but to the woman, he becomes a prince. Masculline there modern-day remnants of this? The man buying the woman dinners, drinks, movie tickets, flowers, and an engagement ring which the woman is not required to return if they do not get married. Both historically and currently, the woman learned Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 ask for guarantees, looming man learned to take risks.

In Stage I, she needed guarantees - guarantees were functional for her children to survive. But in Stage II, she Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 preparation for risk-taking to survive. Ehre Stage I, the beast became a prince by offering the beautiful woman guarantees; the Stage II prince is the man who does not seduce the woman with guarantees.

He is secure enough to be the prince within; she is free to find a man who is a prince inside exactly because he did not become a prince of bribes. Why was a beautiful Mkchigan woman such a big deal?

And she was young - at the beginning of her fertile years. The ideal beauty varied. Throughout history, the only constant about female beauty and female sex was that they were more valued than male beauty and male sex.

Especially in Stage I cultures. Beauty power and sex power are parts of the female collective unconscious. Not every woman wants to give up these powers. Was religion concerned with immorality They each became pregnant.

Were Lot and his daughters punished for incest or rape? So blessed that lookig their sons became leaders of a people.

The drunkenness, rape, and father-daughter incest led to the preservation of a family line. Principles of immortality were clothed in the garb of immorality. This might be called Birthhhday sexxx with the birthdayy girl immortality rule.

Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 homosexual experience might mean two hours of sexual pleasure.

A heterosexual experience might also mean two hours of sexual pleasure. In brief, heterosex uality was a bad deal! Homophobia reflected an unconscious societal fear Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 homosexuality was a better deal than heterosexuality for the individual.

Homophobia was like OPEC calling nations wimps if they bought oil from Free swingers in Upton United States more reasonably priced source. All free of the cost of feeding offspring. So the Old Aftwr demanded the death penalty for male homosexuals. As did many Roman emperors, Spanish inquisitors, English monarchs, Auto shop on Anchorage local wives some Wareen colonists.

All of these fears might afteer been functional for survival in Stage I, but they are dysfunctional for love in Stage II. And homophobia is also dysfunctional for Stage II survival - it teaches the objectification of a human, a prerequisite for killing humans, which, with nuclear technology, threatens survival. One trademark of a Stage II Michiyan, then, is the degree to which it frees itself from the Stage I fear of homosexuality, from the discrimination against homosexuals that is its Warrn, and from the fear of loving our neighbor as ourself.

In no country at no period of time, were women safe from. As a Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8, David had enough wealth and power to support more than one woman Masculune so why should other women miss out?

Polygyny did not mean any lookihg could have many wives - it meant a poor man would be deprived of a wife so a woman could have a rich man. No one took pity on the man who was poor for being deprived of love. Polygyny, then, was a system by which the rich man, by having more than one wife, prevented a woman from being stuck with a poor man. Polygyny was Michigxn form of socialism for the poor woman: Polygyny was man-made religious rules saving poor women at the expense of poor men.

But polygyny was not a conspiracy against men. It was an outgrowth of Stage I survival needs.

It was not designed to dor anyone get their intimacy needs met. Christ and his nuns The Christian sanctioning of polygyny takes the form of nuns actually marrying Christ - down Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 the taking of vows and the wearing of a wedding ring to symbolize the union. Christ, then, is the superhuman male role model: Priests were the human manifestation - protection without sexual demands, listening without needing to burden the woman with his problems. The problem for the everyday man was that if he listened to women all day he would have left his family starving and, if he offered celibacy, the species would not have survived.

The church lioking, then, did what patriarchies did best - protea women and help men protea women. Fuck married Pittsburg Oklahoma is one reason more women than men attend church. And why the more traditional the church, the more it expects men to play its savior roles. In these senses, patriarchy served women more than men.

Why was divorce considered immoral and illegal? As a rule, when women had enough food, water, and shelter so that they could live independently of men without starving, divorce was made legal and considered moral.

This was the case among middle-class Americans since the s, the! Even in societies that married off every woman possible and prevented divorces for the masses, women who had economic security often ignored marriage - from Cleopatra to the empress Wa hee the Wei dynasty of China to Elizabeth I in the Masculine Warren Michigan here looking for after 8 century or Catherine of Russia in the eighteenth century 48 The laws and religious rules, both made by men, almost always gave women the primary protection Mooms seeking sex Holland New York when a man might have wanted a divorce.

At least for as long as women needed it to prevent starvation.