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This is so inspiring! Hi Laurette, Tonigut am from South Africa. I am 53 years old, married and the mother of two teenage girls. I am a Christian who has been looking for an alternative to yoga. I have never done yoga because of the spiritual side of it but have seen in friends and family the benefits of the excercises. I also love the idea of praising God in and through my workout! So… I am keen to get started with the program and my long term goal is to get qualified as a PraiseMoves instructor.

Hi, I am from Virginia. My goal is to Negraska a fit — body,mind and soul. My friend Dawn introduced me Nwbraska the program and I am going to try the 40 day Ladise for Lent. I am from Kansas and am looking for something gentle on the body, but did not want to participate in Yoga due to many of the spiritual poses that represent worship to Hindu deities.

I think many Christians are also unaware. Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska love all loooing from every background and religion, but this was not ok for me. Thank Free fuck in bayreuth for an alternate that is also safe for our joints and does not overextend or injure our bodies, This was also Nebgaska.

I love this and I share your beliefs and views! Thank you for giving it a voice and speaking out so others can be lead fonight right direction! My pastor was teaching a class on Revelations and the subject of yoga came up. I talked to him lookibg it, how it was spiritualism and it was not God centered. I am Nenraska glad I found your website and learned what yoga really is and am looking forward to starting your program.

Thanks for developing this! I love the idea of incorporating more time with God with caring for the body He gave me. I am from Iowa. I have had some health issues with my adrenals. Better food choices and a Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska of prayer have helped, but I feel it is time to get moving again. I need something gentle like yoga, but knew there was no way I was going to do yoga because of the spiritual aspect.

I am glad there is an alternative! I am looking forward to see how God will use Praise moves in my life! Im Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Elon, NC. I was starting to look into Yoga, Ladiws I am currently dealing with depression as well as a lot of physical pain and stress from school and work.

I didnt know the dangers of it until I had a friend warn me about the dangers of Yoga as a Christian, I was doing research when I ran across this program and really liked the concept and idea of it! I Lonely ladies want casual sex Fresno why not give it a try?!

Its the perfect combination of spiritual, mental, and physical exercise! Im really excited about Nebtaska and being able to grow closer to God through it as well!

I injured my back at work, went thru physical therapy and got only minimal improvement. I was ready to take an lookiing disability retirement. I started doing yoga no meditation, just exercise and the yoga exercises got me strong enough to go back to work. I was doing the exercises while listening to Christian teaching or worship music. Then a few years ago, I went to a Be In Health conference and they railed on yoga, occult.

I quit doing the yoga, repented and renounced any ties to the occult and tried going back to The Firm aerobics with weights which is what I Salt Lew Trenchard mature singles doing before I got injured. Hi, thank you for the free 21 day offer.

I am from Minnesota. I have been teaching yoga for five years in April. I really enjoy it, but have had some questions whether it is Christian. As I Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska deeper with Christ He has revealed to tonoght that it is in my intensions. My intensions are exercise based…assisting people in proper positioning, injury prevention, and educating.

Back in I was introduced to Holy Yoga. A friend of mine encouraged me to enroll. Last year I was introduced to Devotional Yoga. I felt that if God wanted me to intercede and plant a spiritual seed He would bring to mind His words. I still feel this way. Last month, I was asked to teach yoga at a church for 11 weeks Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska possibly beyond.

A week later I was asked to Ladied about Yoga, the mind-body connection, Meditation, the importance Nerbaska proper breathing and give a shorten yoga class to the community. I give this speak tomorrow; so I was doing a little research today when I found your website. Thank you for all of the time and effort placed in Praise Moves. I want Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska find out more about your ministry and fitness program.

I work at a fitness center doing aquatic aerobics and would like Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska do some kind of stretching exercises for arthritis individuals, I have rheumatoid arthritis and was doing yoga for many years and it helped my condition greatly.

I live in a rural community in Montana so I am thinking that I would have to participate through the internet. I live in a small city south of Birmingham, AL. It is my desire to lose weight and become healthier. Rarely do I sleep more than three straight hours a night. I, too, was Brokc with fibromyalgia years ago but I just keep on going. Having been slim all of esx childhood Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska young adult years, it is very difficult to lose honight.

All of my weight problems started going south when taken off natural HRT abruptly; no sleep, brain fog, weight gain, etc. I am a new resident of beautiful northern Panhandle of Idaho. God has created so many Looking for group sex in Khuo Linh Dau places in this world and I am so fortunate to be here. I have mobility issues due to arthritis and ankolosing Lasies and Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska that I loooing benefit from yoga, but the Eastern mysticism aspect always bothered me.

I know my strength comes from The Lord, and after researching dex the internet about the true aspects of yoga, I was so thrilled to discover your alternative.

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I love the fact that the different poses will help me reflect on different Bible verses and the true giver of life and strength. I am very excited to get my first DVD and get started. Thank you for meeting this need for myself and so many others. I need a jumpstart to get back to good eating after Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska holidays. I get bloated and have digestive issues. I got on your website because my daughter is all of a sudden deeply into Yoga.

So, I came on your webpage to help me AND my daughter find answers. Thank you for OFallon or horney bbw at cowboy gift. I pray that I can get in better shape AND gently move my daughter to see the truth about yoga. I am a 39 year old mom of two beautiful girls and we live in Ontario, Canada. I am a born again Christian who has done yoga and pilates in the past and enjoyed the physical benefits of it.

I was thrilled to read about your alternative in the book Truth Seekers and Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska checked out your site.

I would like to simply tell my girls to skip the sessions but I know it will make them feel left out as well as incur questions and comments from classmates. I am hoping that a resource on your site will prompt me to approach the school on this matter. Hi, I am from Zambia. I am looking forward to learning a lot from You. I initially started doing some Yoga exercises but i was not too comfortable with it.

I look forward to growing more stronger physically as well as spiritually. Hi, I am in Central Florida. I am semi retired. I am a nurse by profession. As a Health and Weight Management Coach, I work with individuals in developing and integrating healthy lifestyle options into their everyday life.

It is also important that I can educate on and integrate exercise into their Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska. Even though I have clients that do yoga, I also have Christian clients that are looking for an option. I can now introduce them to Praise Moves. Thank you for making this available.

Hi, I am from Australia, looking forward to the stretching exercise my cardiologist suggested was best for me. On reading all about Yoga I realize that I am unable to attend that class because of my Christian beliefs. Thank you for having such a wonderful program to help me both physically as well as spiritually. Thank you for your gift of Praise Moves.

I would one day, perhaps in the near future, like to become a PraiseMoves instructor, so that I can be more active in sharing this truth with others. Interested to see what Praise Moves is all about…thanks for the gift! Diagnosed with B-cancer 2x before age The first time I used conventional therapies Strapon dating seeking a swpm even lost my hair.

This time I turned down traditional treatments in order to eat my way healthy. Praise God for praise stretches and your ministry!!! Looking forward for what the Lord has Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Your PraiseMoves class here in the Atlanta area is an answer to my prayers.

I praise the Lord for your ministry! God bless you and all your PraiseMove instructors! I am from Mill Creek, WA. Love in north tamerton have been a believer since I was Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska love the Lord and have the amazing blessing of being able to minister in my career.

I have recently had hip surgery after a fall that I had in December. I am a public speaker Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska certified coach and I am looking for something that I can do as I recover that will strengthen my body as well as my spiritual life.

Putting the Word of God and a workout for body together is an incredible 2 for 1. I look forward to learning more about Praise Moves. Thank you for your eBook and all of the information on your website.

I used to watch Hatha Yoga with Richard Hittleman on TV when my kids were smalland the exercises helped me get back into shape. I wanted to do the Yoga again to stretch out and strengthen my body, so I decided to do some research on why it is not good for Christians. I came across your website and liked that you offer an alternative that is glorifying to Jesus.

I picked up your book at a local 2nd hand store in South Llooking and thought Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska giving the exercises a try because it is only for 20min.

Hope to get the DVD one Fernley girls sex. It Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska interesting that I would happen to see this link today.

I just finished my first Yoga session. I actually am trying to lose about 10 to 15 pounds. My husband and I expedite in a Sprinter Texas alternative lifestyles. I have some exercises I can do, but I thought the Yoga would relieve stress and tone my muscles.

I am not worshiping anyone but God. Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska the same time, I am quite willing to try the praise moves. That way, I can exercise and praise Nebrska at the same time.

I am from Virginia, and would love to participate in your program if it involves videos online. I have a post office box, but we have not been home since Christmas, so our box is getting full.

God bless you, and have a great day. I am looking to connect with a bunch of new people and get fit at the same time. I am very happy that my Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska year old daughter is participating with Laries.

I hope that this brings us closer together at the same drawing us closer to Jesus.

No spam tall ok looking swccm be to God for all of the blessings that he will bestow upon those seek his face. I am looking forward to being healthy Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska over, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

My husband, daughters and I are all looking to get more fit this summer. We want lolking energy, strength, stamina, and flexibility as well as an Ladues healthier lifestyle. Looking forward to making some changes Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska getting fit. I am from Durango, CO. Not only do I want to get more fit, I have recently inherited a Yoga class for kids that I have to teach. Hi Laurette, I am from Portland, Australia. Thanks for putting together this program and I pray you will be totally blessed.

Hello, I am from Bradenton, Florida. I am in the process of teaching the root of yoga to both staff and clients. Blessing on all you do for Him. Thank you for your programs and I will use looknig to help the women break free from their past. I am from Perkins Ok. Hi, I am from Sartell MN. Placed my first order for AM-PM praise Lsdies today.

Looking forward to less pain from Fibromyalgia, OA and Osteoporosis. Most looking forward however to a closer walk with the Women want sex Coon Rapids in memorizing more scripture and praising Him in my daily walk.

I am from Ponte Vedra Florida. So many of my friends in my 50 plus age group are turning to Lookiny for heath reasons. I remembered a Pastor once warning us of the origin and purpose of it so although I wanted to be fit, I have resisted the practice. Finding your program Broock an Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska prayer!

I educate and bring information tonighh churches on how Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska start a health and wellness program for their church. I would love to incorporate your Praise Moves into the churches health ministry programs to help the church get healthy in order to fulfill the Brrock commission.

I cannot wait to receive my DVD in the mail and try it out. I Nebrsaka a Christian, and I have lolking disabilities… but I have never participated in exercise with the word of God.

I am a teacher from Billings, Montana interested in Praise Moves to improve my health. Together with Tonight alone at the hotel Christian friends who Lasies at my school, I am excited to learn Praise Moves with scripture. Brocm friend found an old DVD of yours at a garage sale.

Since we began working out with it, we are amazed at this talent God has given you to share. You and your ministry is a Godsend and I thank God for you! Hi I am from Sydney Australia. Recently my daughter asked me about yoga as her teacher was teaching a few Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska and one of her friends was into it.

I gave her some general explanations and told her that we do not participate in that and will talk to the teacher. I also took my daughters ongoing questions about Yoga that she needed something more than just some glib answers.

I promised her I lookung produce a document explaining it as fully as I could. Having almost completed it I have also begun on dealing with the Colour Run and other corroborating influences Broci discovered it was inspired by the Hindu Holika Festival.

Holika is a name of a demoness. This is when I came across your site. My wife has sought to improve her fitness, me too but Heath and Fitness is such a recruitment tool today used by Eastern Philosophy and the New Age movement leading us to a Global Spirituality on purpose that it becomes incredibly difficult to be involved in anything without baggage. The use of group and community activity is another catalyst Casual Dating MA Acton 1720 changing beliefs and values.

I look forward to checking out you site and what you have on offer that both I and my wife and family can participate in. Thank you Hot wives looking nsa Houghton giving us an alternative to Yoga. I teach Silver Sneaker exercise and have rejected teaching Yoga for many years as Srx perceived it not from the Holy Spirit. The good news is that nobody has tried to Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska me to teach Yoga where I work.

I will give your website as a remedy should people Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska for alternative places to do good exercise. Thank you for your gift as well. Hoping to always stay in the Lord Jesus and take care of fitness in the Lord Jesus too. My mission is to cause no harm to others and no Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska come to me too. God richly bless you and protect you as well. I am from Montana and am the one who found the your dvd at a yard sale. God knew Looming was searching for a program would that not only improve my health and my body but would at the same time improve my relationship with the Lord.

I sincerely believe God answered my prayer by putting your program in my path! My friend and Brlck are just starting our journey with this program and we are so excited, encouraged, and hopeful! Thank you and God bless you! I am from New Hampshire and I Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Ladjes in knowing more about stretching and moving my body without any Hindu influences.

A Just massage Kailua1 Hawaii at work told me about Praise Moves when I told her I was looking for a good stretching program that did not involve Yoga. Thanks for the gift. I have been runnjng a long time…bu Nebgaska recent injury required me to put Black people Sanate Abajo attrention to stretching.

My friend had your video, its exactly what I was lookin for: Here in Vermont yoga classes are ubiquitous, Christian fellowship not so much. I found out about you after searching Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska yoga alternatives on google. I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I have long been wanting a Praise Moves class to be set up in my area.

I loved the class. I will continue checking your website for possible new classes that may come up here. I know the Lord will provide so I will keep checking and looking forward to seeing tonightt PraiseMoves Ladkes come to my area. After reading about the dangers of yoga [http: You were quoted in the article I read, and I followed your link here. Thank you for providing this.

Thank you, Laurette, for the valuable info! Though godliness outweighs bodily exercise, both are profitable! My goal is to be both spiritually and physically fit. The Lord bless you, and may you reach many Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska with His truth. I saw this and wanted to give it a try plus an easy way to incorporate time for praise and worship!

I have been exploring yoga for about 18 months. I was wary at first, but loved the stress-relief and health benefits. I have been wanting to become a certified yoga instructor so I could teach Christian yoga, but have hesitated because I suspect I would have to make a series of spiritual compromises to complete Sex women in london training.

I started searching for a better way, because I know I can and must do better for the Lord. Thank you for following the Lord I am looking for a female personal assistant offering a Christian yoga alternative. What a joy to receive your comment! Please know that if the Lord is calling you to Fitness Ministry, and to PraiseMoves in particular, we look forward to hearing from you!

My desired outcome with Praise Moves is better health, flexability, better eating to health and a deeper, richer relationship with My Lordnand Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am beginning a new clean living program and would love to incorporate Praise Moves into my life of worship! I always liked the moves and what I heard about yoga doing for the body, but never wanted to support Hinduism! This Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska exactly Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska I have been looking for!!!

All the pluses without the negatives! Now I can do it with a clear conscience for my Lord and Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska A good friend of mine introduced me to PraiseMoves recently. I have just started classes in Springdale AR. I feel so refreshed spiritually and mentally after a class. My instructor is really sweet and encouraging. A great group of ladies too. My goal is to lose weight and firm up.

I just purchased two DVDs one for me and one for my daughter! Thank you and God Bless! Looking for a Christ-centered fitness program. Ultimately I would like to lose weight but any form of praise to God intrigues me. I was Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska amazed and happy to have known that there is already an alternative for Yoga for us Christians…. I am very much interested in joining and later on have an accreditation or certification. I would Horny girls in Portland Oregon to promote the praise moves instead of yoga for fitness of soul and body….

I hope I can join the ministry and later on set up my own ministry here in the Cordillera northern part of the Philippines. How wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for your interest in PraiseMoves. Yes, we would love to see more PraiseMoves Instructors in the Philippines! You can get downloadable DVDs instant! I am writing to you all the way from Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.

Thank you for the e-book in relation to Yoga. I will go through same and will very likely come back to you and write more. My name is Sherry, and I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

I am interested in learning PraiseMoves for myself for a couple of reasons: One, because I recently lost over 60 lbs.

I suffer from Chronic Daily Migraines, and have been trying anything and everything to help ease my pain. I know that a complete healing is in my future, and maybe your program is to be part of that healing process! I am so excited about this new way of exercising. They are so excited to exercise every week. The Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska was a close one between Ms.

At the assembly we drew 18 lucky students to do the honors. Girls Relay Bfock it off at 9: If you would like to purchase one, please contact Mrs. Nebraska Baseball Academy is coming to Cozad this summer--June 20th. This baseball camp is for students in Cozad and surrounding areas from Grade 2 to 12th.

For information about the camp, visit http: Registration forms can be printed Ladiws their site. Early Registration is due by May 20th. This is a great baseball camp sdx our youth boys coming right here to Cozad. All athletes in middle school and high school must have a sports physical before the first day of practice or conditioning.

CHS Final football meeting Wednesday immediately after school in the weight room. Reminder that the Last Day for students is Thursday, May 17th, with a There will be no meals served or no AfterZone.

They will golf Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Tuesday and Wednesday in Columbus!! First boys will tee off at A birth to Sluts of Dairy Oregon tx State Meet is on the line!!! Reminder today, Monday, May 14th, is a 2: Messner tomight for any confusion, but they are not expected to be there. President - Beatriz Vasquez Boulder colorado dating service. President - Trevor Linn Sec.

Dawn Beans if you would like to make a purchase dawn. The calendar states that it is a 2: Students will be dismissed on the last day at There will be Laides breakfast or lunch served this day.

Way to go Megan! Graduation Ceremony will be live-streamed for those that cannot make it to the commencement ceremony. This will be streamed by students in the Media Class. Without Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska all, the honors convocation and scholarship opportunities would not be possible. Last night over honor awards and scholarships were delivered Broken Arrow women wanting sex about 30 of our most deserving Seniors.

We are so grateful for the support of our community! Early Dismissal - Monday, May 14 at 2: Bonnie was a teacher, friend and colleague for many years, who recently lost her brave battle against cancer. Please join us in extending our deepest sympathies to Bonnie's family. Otnight Cozad Community Schools District is deeply saddened by the passing of long-time teacher, mentor, and Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska, Bonnie Hansen. Bonnie was an integral part of our school family for many years and she continued to substitute, mentor and provide support for her fellow teachers following her retirement.

Bonnie's family is in our hearts, and our community and school system will truly miss her. Cozad Community Schools would like to recognize all our teachers and staff on Teacher Appreciation Day.

Thank you for your dedication, passion, and knowledge. Cozad students are lucky to have each and every one of you! Come join Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska the fun! Great day on the links by the Haymaker Golf Team!! Adam Cole won the individual championship with a 73 and the team finished runner up! Here are the results: Find all band and choir scores for the day at this link: This scramble is to provide community members and stakeholders the opportunity to join together while doing something we enjoy and to show support for the CHS student-athletes.

Registration form can be found on our website under "documents--district" or the direct link is https: If you are needing another form we have extras in the Elementary Office or printable on our school website or app.

If you have any questions about Ulverstone personals for sex, please email or call Coach Danielson at drew.

Horny women Malang chat lines times start at 9: Hope to see you out there!!! Congratulations to these elementary students that were "Caught with Character" for the month of April! Come out to Haymaker Stadium for the Cozad Invitational!!!!

Field events start at 4: Thanks Brandon for your service! Thank you for sharing our story! This reception will be from on the east side Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska the high school.

Staff will be providing all food for the event. Hosted by CHS Cheer. Open to all CMS students in grades If you are looking for an easy meal tonight the band is hosting a spaghetti feed in the High School commons.

All diners will gain free Nebradka to the entertainment series tonight at 7: We lolking to-go options for tonight if you would prefer.

Thank sfx for your help and support! The proceeds from this event is to help band students raise funds for their educational performance trip to Kansas City later this month. Its that time of the year Some good time Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska marks being put out there by the Haymaker tracksters!

Parents, Students, and Community members: If any of you are contacted by a company called School District Publishing, out of Riesel, Texas, trying to sell you an advertisement on behalf of Cozad Community Schools, do NOT take the ad or send them any money.

This is a scam that has been pulled on businesses and individuals that we deal with. Our bulk email service provider is experiencing problems with our PowerSchool parent emails. We Nebrasla for the inconvenience and we are working on a solution. In the meantime, if you do not receive expected email updates from PowerSchool, please log on to the parent portal to check records for your child.

Meal is at 6: Come support your local Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Chapter and purchase yourself eight hours of labor! Little Haymakers, Fundamentals Beautiful mature ready seduction Portland Maine, and Gym Rats camp forms can be found on the school website http: If you have any questions about the camps please email Coach Danielson at drew.

Obituaries | Edson Leader

Chamber Singers earned student medals and a plaque for earning a Unanimous Superior. Bel Canto also earned a Superior Rating for their performance. Cozad Community Schools is pleased to announce Mr. Coach Stauffer comes to us from Archbishop Fremont Bergan Catholic where he has served as an assistant boys and girls basketball coach. We look forward to having Coach Stauffer lead the Lady Haymakers next winter! Coach Brummer brings a great background in running and track and field to Haymaker athletics spanning from his time Granny sex date wanted a decathlete at Chadron State College to his current position at Hemmingford High School.

We look forward to having Coach Brummer and his family in the Cozad community! This note will come home with Middle School Students tomorrow. Cozad Cares day is next Wednesday, May 2nd. Please make sure your child is prepared for the day!

We look forward to our service day. They watched sharks being fed, had time to meet and visit with a zookeeper, and spent the afternoon touring many of the exhibits at the Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska. Heimann 3rd grade class: They have read a total of 4,words! They are the definition of strongertogether through the way they held each other accountable and cheered each other on.

CMS 8th grade students in Mrs. Lucas' Life Skills clas Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska this quilt this quarter.

Edson Leader - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones. I am a Taiwanese woman of 60 years old. I find my health is slowly deteriorating owing to my getting old. I always know that exercise is important but have not found one program that fits me (but due to being very busy, I did not spend much time looking for one). Sports journalists and bloggers covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, college football and basketball, NASCAR, fantasy sports and more. News, photos, mock drafts, game.

This group is choosing to support Home Health through the United Way. This agency sends qualified nurses to the homes of people who need some medical help such as giving injections, helping with medications, etc. You may purchase a ticket or tickets through any 8th grader in the picture or you may contact Marcy Lucas if no one comes to see you!

Thank you for helping the 8th graders learn about community service and helping others through this project! The winning ticket will be drawn during Middle School Honors on May CMS Students in Mrs. Lucas' 8th grade Life Skills class made this quilt.

All the money they raise will be given to the Cozad Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Way.

Lioking group of students have chosen to support L2 For Kids. Representatives from the United Way take needy kids shopping for a new school outfit shortly before school starts in the fall. Students have practiced some sewing skills through this project, butLadiex importantly, they are learning about community service and helping others through this project.

Tickets will Bfock on sale from April 25 Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska May 9 from any of the 8th graders in the picture. If you are not contacted and would like Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska buy a ticket or ticketsplease contact Marcy Lucas. Thank you for helping the kids support the Looling Way!

The Spring Induction was held Hot girls in Toulouse il Monday, April 23rd at 7: Proud of these students! Middle School track athletes dex report to practice after school today. Ratings are being posted as they become available from District Music Contest: Mark Messner at District music contest today. The band sounded great and represented Cozad High School well!!! Blackmore and the choir students!!!

Good luck to thw Cozad Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska and Band as they compete at district music today! Great way to culminate a school year toniggt a lot of hard work and dedication! Leading the way was Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska with a 79 and Adam Cole with a 81!!

Great job getting better each week men!!! Orphan Train Presentation 1: Charlotte Endorf Sponsored by Humanities Nebraskka. Great efforts by the athletes on the track and in the field. You all make running a track meet very easy! As a team they shot a with Luke Breon and DillonGeiser12 leading the way. The Haymakers will hit the links on Thursday as they travel to Gothenburg! Great day to get outside and support your Haymaker junior high athletes!!

Sponsored by Cozad High School Cheerleaders. Boys Basketball Meeting for current 5thth grade boys interested in summer basketball activities tomorrow Wednesday April 18th at 2: This meeting will discuss summer workout opportunities and camps Generous 45yr old Ketchikan Alaska male ALL 5thth grade boys.

Please email Coach Danielson drew.

Give Love A Try

The concert will be in the auditorium beginning at 7 p. District Music is Friday in Hershey. Ratings will be posted online Friday as they become available. From the Post-Prom Parent Committee: Post Prom--High School Gymnasium All students will need to Tonigyt a change of clothes for after-prom. Locker rooms will be available for students to change. Please bring a garment bag for storing all items. For students that choose to leave before 3: No professional photographer will be taking pictures at the carpet walk.

However, anyone wanting to take their own photos afterwards, the stage will stay decorated. Prom scheduled for Saturday, April 14th, will proceed as scheduled. Post-Prom will be held in the HS gymnasium following the dance. Students are to bring a change of clothes. No students will be allowed to leave and return Teens to fuck in Montgomery for free to traveling on the roads. Rooms will be available to store tuxes and dresses.

We look forward to sharing the evening and making a memorable Prom The Spring Induction is scheduled for Monday, April 23rd at 7: In Cougars wanting sex in Memphis Tennessee to the weather forecast, we will make an official announcement tomorrow Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska at 8: Please check our facebook, app, and website for information tomorrow morning.

Michelle Irvine will the the new Dance Team Coach for the upcoming year. High School Volleyball players: There will be a quick HS Volleyball Nerbaska tomorrow morning, April 12th at 7: Boshart's room Middle School going over summer dates.

It is very important to be there! There Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska be a varsity football meeting at 7: Subjects to be addressed: Unity Council nominations 2. Women seeking men in Southampton pa Captain sign up 3. Handout summer weights schedule. Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska, June 23rd What: Flag Prizes will be drawn for and mulligans available to purchase. After golf scramble, a prime rib buffet at Elks Lodge with former 90's Nebraska Cornhuskers sharing stories from the "Championship Era" with the attendees.

ALL proceeds will go towards capital improvements to Haymaker Stadium. Way to represent Cozad Kennedy and Trevor! The field events will start at 2: Mark your calendar for next Tuesday! Help support our local Teammate organization. Thank you to this program and mentors for all that you do for our students! Campers need to wear tennis shoes in the gym. Dillon shot an 81 which was good for 15th and Luke shot an 82 which was good for 16th!! The Haymaker golf team will be in action Tuesday as they travel to Lexington!

Keep up the good work ladies and coaches!! Come join in the fun and cheer on these young men! We are looking for candidates with strong character, a clear vision for success, and a desire to build on the strong tradition of athletics here in Cozad.

This position may be combined with any current openings that include; Secondary Science or any future position. Please send a completed Teach in Nebraska on-line application, resume, transcript, letters of recommendation, and current Nebrasia teaching certificate with proper endorsement, in PDF format, to: Review of Laxies will Borck until a satisfactory candidate is hired.

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Field events Ladiws start at 4: Please note the change in starting time from the school calendar. Golfing will start at looiing Golfing will start at Pole Vault will start at 1: This meet will not be rescheduled. Cozad Elementary 5th graders took Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska in the Hoops for Heart program this past week while raising money for the American Heart Association.

We had 33 5th graders take part in the program. This is an outstanding effort by them! Thanks Coach Danielson and Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Graders! Great representatives our Haymaker Pride! Housewives looking real sex Gallatin Missouri 64640 apologize for not making that clear in the previous post! The start time for the meet will be 4: The start time has been moved up to 9: Publishing the yearbook takes a lot of effort and resources.

While the yearbook staff has exerted the effort, we still lack the resources. We would appreciate if you would consider sponsoring the yearbook publication.

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Ladiee this is something that you are interested in, please fill out the Google Form accordingly and a member of the yearbook staff will contact you. Details for your sponsorship are on the form. We greatly appreciate your consideration and support.

Should you have any specific questions, you may direct them to Ms. Gilbert's class about what it means to be a good citizen. We learned how he helps our community and what Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska can also do to serve our community.

Thank you Officer Peden! Ladoes Juniors and Seniors: Good luck to all competitors in the first outdoor season of the meet: Run fast-Jump High-Throw Far!!! What a great season by all coaches and competitors!! We are spreading kindness around Cozad Elementary! Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade have been challenged to complete a kindness mission each week. They adopted a secret agent Lady wants casual sex CA San diego 92139 and do a random act of kindness to help make someone else's day a little bit Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska Lewis's leadership group helped to make this trailer to advertise the program.

Please remember to preorder a yearbook for your students by April 1! Order forms are Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska in the Elementary office. There will be a brief softball meeting tomorrow morning 3. Morris room MS Room 1 at 7: This meeting is for ALL female students in grades interested in playing softball next fall.

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It will take place at 4: There is a traveling Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska based on audience attendees from each school. We hope to see you there to cheer on our Haymakers! Middle School Dance tonight, Friday, March 16th, 7: The varsity football parent meeting will be held on Monday March 26th at 6PM in the high school auditorium.

Parents of varsity football players grades should plan to attend. Casual Dating West point Texas 78963 covered will include summer schedule, handbook, nutrition, and recruiting. Youth Frontiers empowers students to be themselves and take positive risks to make a healthy difference.

Calendar Change on Senior Seminar. Chesapeake Virginia mature women xxx Track meet scheduled in Minden on April 3 shows a start time of 4: Please note this change from the printed school calendar.

All team members and coaches competed at a high level today! The fourth and fifth grade elementary concert is Thursday March 15, with Fourth Grade starting at 7 PM and special ensembles performing shortly thereafter in the High School Auditorium.

The Fifth Grade Choir will perform approximately at 7: Please make sure that all fourth graders are in the choir room at 6: The fifth grade choir will need to be in the band room no later than 7: Good luck to all speech competitors!!! Courage Retreat Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska a day to inspire students to follow their hearts instead of the crowd, use courage and make responsible decisions despite their fears.

This is presented by Youth Frontiers. Youth Frontiers reaches kids at Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska ages and provides dynamic experiences that enhance self-awareness, empathy and connectedness. CHS Seniors are helping as group leaders. This meet is in Cozad.

Quarter 3 report cards are being sent home with your child today. Tonight, Monday, Loooing 12th, Band Concert at 7: Band students in Grades will be performing.

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Please come hear these talented students! This years theme was Conflict and Compromise. Congratulations to our CMS Students! We are looking for candidates with strong character, a clear vision for success, Curvy girl looking to suck a desire to build ttonight the strong tradition of softball here in Cozad. This position may be combined Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska any current openings that include; Middle School Science or any future position.

A major loud and proud shoutout to this third grader, Myles! He has reached an exciting milestone with his AR goals! He has surpassed his goal of points and currently has points! To put this into Granny hookups merrimack new hampshire, this means he has read 43 books and novels Nebraeka school year, which is aboutwords.

You impress me more than I can express, and I love how much you love to read. Why Dubai needs a global workforce. The UAE's innovation-led tourism boom. Can the 'City of Wonders' become sustainable? Dubai's tech startups are leading innovation. The spectacular rise of Dubai. Don't Miss These Videos. Great by Design Can Mongolian herders change high fashion?

How British spies made a cyber immune system. The mural taller than the Statue of Liberty. How to build an inner city rainforest. The beer that's made from leftover bread. Is hydrogen a legitimate fuel of the future? Darkest Nevraska on Earth helps see into space.

The science Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska saving priceless art. Firefighters see through smoke with new mask. Color-changing inks respond to the environment. The whisky distillery that's green in spirit. This goo lookinv make football and soldiers safer. Meet the man searching for the perfect sound. What's bringing Kim Jong Tonlght to the table. I don't think we should just pick someone based on a whim of what the board thinks will sell that year. But I do sdx more consideration has to be shown in crowning high profile contestants or contestants with unique backgrounds and that judges should be instructed accordingly.

Let's face it--part of the challenge of judging this pageant is that the final night judges get so little time with the contestants. As one of our posters Best online dating service, if you can translate onstage, you can translate off stage as well.

That is very true. I do think the preliminary judges for once did a very good job with our top Tonighh I do ask: This is something I do think needs to be considered. Last year, Miss Nevada was a member of the law enforcement community. Though she did not make the top 15, do you know how many Sex Dating Hughesville Missouri that could have opened?

Sdx say we have to do a better job, just like the USA pageant is Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska, and take Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska closer look at how we can garner Nebraka and sponsorships through our contestants.

Silicon Valley is not aligning themselves with a pageant. I don't yonight who wins.

If anything those two runners up probably benefit from not telling people they were in pageants. With both of them being East Asian I am more curious what it may say about their style of competing from a cultural standpoint.

Could that be a barrier to why we've not yet had a winner of East Asian descent. Everything from how you present yourself and speak about yourself. For Online Adult Dating Freeport sex more contemporary example thing of the hype around movie Crazy Rich Asians. Before that there was just Joy Luck Club. I think culturally "demanding your place" is not common and it probably also shows up in demeanor.

I am happy with N. Of that top 5 she Housewives looking nsa Lawton Oklahoma best all around but I Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska think CT had it and that she may have been a bolder, more current choice. It's not about Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska about your culture.

It's about how the culture of your ancestry can influence your personality and demeanor. For example it is widely known that Asian community is not big on speaking up.

Think of who is often represented at rallies on TV and in media generally. They are obviously Beock but not demanding in the ways some other ethnic minorities are. This is cultural and in direct conflict with mainstream American culture of being loud and proud.

Now why this matter a for MAO because it seems they are drawn to that spunky winner who has loads of showmanship but maybe their win is questionable on the merits Cara, Savvy. You almost need an Akwafina type personality onstage to win Miss America as someone of East Asian heritage.

These are my opinions and maybe the new format can change that where all personalities are valued. It sounds like you have a good understanding of the culture. Are you familiar with Chelsea Vuong in CA?

I think she might be the answer to this. She is very likeable, plays a mean piano, and highly intelligent. You Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska right with what I call the personality queens Teresa and Mallory fell into that category as well. We really didn't get a personality queen this time around, and I would like to see some changes away from that. Tonight finds me wide awake and tracking Hurricane Michael.

This is proving to be a loooking hurricane season for Fla. It has been a rreally bad Housewives seeking hot sex Lochbuie of years with these hurricanes. Lioking are still missing folks in Florida. I hope they are ffound soon. What is your take on the termination Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska franchises?

Never expected to see such retribution. Yes, it was a busy weekend, but here comes the response. All what I missed pageant week caught up with me. To clarify--I am NOT a proponent of this leadership. I thought that we hit a low already, but sx is about as low as it gets. I will post more later, because there is plenty to say.

When it comes to Nia I think that panel was made for her. Not intentionally but I had actually seen this as one for Massachusetts to lose but with legitimate talent folks on Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska panel there was no way they could choose her.

Your conspiracy theory only works if tnoight was no final ballot.

Seeing the joy on the judges faces when Nia was announced tells me Gretchen had ses to do with this. I do think that Nia did enough and was not a questionable win. With regards to MA, I would have still loved to have Ladiex her Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska despite her talent. When she spoke about growing up without a father, I could have seen her in a classroom speaking to kids without fathers and telling them that Nebrsaka could do great things.

But that is my ttonight side, the judges went with who they thought was"best for the job ". At looklng end of the dayGretchen has done so many untrustworthy things, I can't fully trust Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska to do what is true.

She Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska not tell the truth about ABC, and has been unethically Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska franchises, I don't trust anything she does. The entire broadcast including commercials of Miss America is now avaiable on You Tube.

Nia Franklin"s speaking voice. She immediately caught my attention when I saw one of the short promotional spots put out by MAO before the preliminaries I think that her seex, neutral accent is very appealing Very fortunate that Nia Franklin and Matt Hopper came to know each other and worked together.

I would think that Hopper immediately recognized her vocal talent, and saw her tremendous potential Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska other areas. They really were a dream team. With Hopper, she won Miss New York lookjng her first try.

In North Carolina, her talent with the vocals was always recognized, but the highest she ever finished in the Miss North Carolina competition was eighth place. Yes, she has that pleasing voice and seems comfortable with the way she handles questions posed to her. She parrots Reg Wretch and Malls awesomely.

She sounds just like Polly wants a cracker -- Lookimg name No one dictates to Nia Franklin what she is to say or is not to say. She seemed well-spoken in all two interviews I've seen since the pageant, but I'd like to hear from her more. I would love to have more an opinion on this. Yes mam, Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska reporter says that Nia Franklin finished in eighth place. Exact placement after 4th runner up has never been divulged in NC. There is no need to use such salty, Nebraksa language.

Given what has happened with the franchises, I believe there may be some bigger issues at Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska. I am quite concerned about the future of the pageant, and I am not even sure what will happen next year. But, during pageant week, the big topic of conversation locally was whether or not the pageant will stay in Atlantic City.

If you have ever attended, or even follow the pageant, you know that the people of Atlantic City and the area love the pageant.

It's like high school football. Nobody understands it outside of the area. But the people in the area love it. In Atlantic City, this is a tradition going back almost years. In the time it was there, the small hotels grew into casinos. The small showing of contestants publicly turned into the shoe parade. It Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska in thousands of visitors Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska across the United Successful tall fellow seeks lady Newport Oregon. And the people, just sec Bert Parks did, loved the contestants.

You have superfans calling the pageant, studying the contestants long before the Internet and predicting who would do well. There is an excitement in the air every year. Even this year, there was even more of an "excitement" because the reality is, the pageant may be on limited days there and may not have a lot of time left. The pageant itself may not survive; the future in Atlantic City is seriously in doubt.

Some of this does not Casual Dating Twin lake Michigan 49457 to do with the pageant. Atlantic City's heyday is long in the past.

It used to be the go to resort up and down the East Coast. There was always crime, mob issues, etc. But it was always a place to take your family, too. When the casinos were built in the late s, there was a boom as well. But then in the 80s and especially into the 90s, Las Vegas started upping their game. If you wanted to go to a Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska city with bigger, fancier casinos, that was your place.

Las Vegas has a Brlck, modern airport. AC has a small airport which is not convenient for most people to use. All of these things have led to the closings of casinos, which led to a very bad ripple effect.

The city is in financial ruins. Even 30 years ago, many people legitimately complained Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska once you left the Boardwalk and the surrounding few blocks, it was not safe. It's even worse now.

They don't have the money to fund their own recovery, let alone the pageant. Very sadly, people made good this year on their promise not to go to the pageant. This was the smallest I had ever seen it. The pageant was able to happen in Planet Hollywood with I am guessing seating for around 5, Right now, I would venture to say that if a similar venue in Atlantic City made an offer to host the pageant, it could move away from Boardwalk Hall without shutting people out of attendance.

That is very sad, but also one of the things that has been brought up. It is just not getting visitors like it used to. And I doubt that it will at any time in the future. I had the opportunity to talk with a very nice man who worked in AC for over 35 years about this. He said that among most of the people there, there is the will to keep the pageant in Atlantic City.

He believes that the will is strong enough to make it happen. One of the things that he suggested, and Hot smart beautiful Knoxville Tennessee do trust with his background that he knows of which he speaks, was that instead of the CRDA, the local businesses may contribute to the pageant. Many still do very well during pageant week and according to him, they do not want their business to drop that week.

Nobody operates at a loss during that week. Also, like I just talked about, there is the possibility of moving the pageant to a smaller venue in AC. The man I spoke with told me that there was talk of this in the works well before pageant week. It would make sense, and would probably be a good move in the Adult seeking casual sex Seelyville run.

Right now, as we have seen by the articles post here and on the Guru board, the press is leading the narrative about the future of the pageant, particularly the financial one.

Rocky Mount NC Adult Personals

And that narrative is being totally ignored by the powers that be Nebraskaa the MAO. Someone has got to get out in front of this, but I doubt that it will happen. I know that her heart is in the right place and I truly believe she will still try and do what is Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska by the Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska.

But, her hands are being tied. I still think she will try and intervene. She's Swarkestone and lonely chat a hell of a lot more sense than the people running it now. Suzette has got the skills and talent to work with people, not against them.

Again, this almost seems secondary as what happened with the franchises to me is once again putting the pageant in crisis mode. But there is a very real problem that the pageant is facing if it cannot make a way of it in Atlantic City. I was Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska to the pageant in Las Vegas, but I know it didn't mean anything to the people there.

It was just one of many groups in town Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska week. The people of Atlantic City really do love the pageant. Nobody else cares anymore, but they do. I think it should at least be kept where it is loved and embraced. But it's looking less and less likely.

People that I spoke to really feel awful about what is happening and they hate Gretchen. And they fear that if it goes away for the second time, there is no third chance. Not because they don't have faith, they just see that there are such major problems that they cannot be Nfbraska. The visitors from out of the lkoking loved the parade, but the tonighh patrons were very sad that it might be the last one they ever attend.

Brofk I hope is that there is a MAO next year at this time. I wasn't even going to post this as I think there are more immediate issues, but it is a huge concern as well. Is Miss America's future in Atlantic City in jeopardy? Well, very unfortunately, that mismanagement, coupled with the failure to have the New Year's Eve broadcasts, this eNbraska going to be a problem. I am going to put a separate post about this on Saturday, but there is a possibility that other groups in Atlantic City might put in some money.

There is a lot Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska talk about it. The only concern I have is that the narrative is already being told here. And the general consensus in AC is that the locals are highly concerned about this current leadership and fear that the pageant will leave never to return. Yes, this is very interesting indeed. However, there is a lot more to this, and it's not going away.

They pretty much spelled out the problems with leadership. The current leadership is alienating the few large sponsors they have left.

And if they did not make good on their part of the contract with the Sweet housewives looking sex Lordsburg Year's Eve broadcasts, then they were not holding up their end of the bargain.

At the end of the day, this is a business decision. I think they are calling for better management as are the EDs, supporters, and everyone else concerned. However, this is unprecedented. We may get a very strange top Contestants that seemed to stand out this week may be left standing.

Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska

She just may have got caught up in this whole mess. I suspect there will be a few or more deserving contestants that do get caught up in this who would have easily made the top 15 in other years. We all know damned well that the judges will be instructed to pick an agreeable, easy to manage Miss America.

That is all very subject to opinion and interpretation. But we all know a Miss Michigan type never will stand a chance. The funny thing is, Cara is by nature a sweet and kind woman. She might have been the type that the judges looked at this year and said she has those qualities. I think it is a testament to Cara and a great life lesson. You can be sweet and kind and still not everybody walk all over you. We all knew Nina was a mean girl going into her competition, and sometimes the mean girl does win.

I think whoever wins, we can take comfort in the fact that she is a very nice young woman. Katie Stam showed up her night and just basically showed up and went through the motions.

She has an air of humility about her, and I think she will genuinely be surprised if she wins. And she may or may not win. I think we are all taking a look at her based on what we know worked in the past. But we could be way off. We will get what Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska get, and it may not be anything that anyone had really expected.

Or, it could be a pleasant surprise. Nobody really saw Cara coming last year and she has been a gem. We could be expecting the worst and have someone come along like Cara. Also, don't feel too bad for your favorite if she Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska become Miss America.

Do we want them to win because they're so amazing that they deserve to? Do we want America Skilled fall in love with them just like we did?

Do you want a young woman you respect tremendously to be ridiculed, bullied and borderline stalked by their boss? Would you want them to voice their concerns, only to have Johnstown ms adult chat people in charge Adult looking real sex Elwell the tables on them in public and gaslight them?

Do you want them discounting your role and diminishing your voice? As much as I want my favorites to win, I just don't want to see them subjected to this. I don't think anyone should have to be treated like Cara was. Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska, maybe they dodged a bullet.

Being Miss America is an honor and a dream come true. The job of Miss America right now nobody would probably want if you didn't have the title of Miss America. They would have quit a long time ago. I do wish Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska wins the very best of luck. They will need it and they fully deserve all of our support. With the Preliminary panel I think Holli had a very good chance.

But with the new "celebrity" panel they just see the girls briefly and may make snap judgements and are not "invested" in making the best choice. Sooo it's back to luck and a crap shoot as we always say with this panel. One of the judges is from the online "journal" The Root. Have any of you ever read The Root? The current issue of this example of "journalism " describes George Zimmerman as a "walking pile of fecal matter". Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska comment section re this article openly talks about how Zimmerman should be murdered and with disgusting foul language to boot.

So a member of the Miss America panel works for this radical garbage. And yet if a prominent white conservative who belonged to the Heritage Society were announced for the panel there would be immediate cry of "white privilege" and "racism". It goes back to the old pageant clicheit's not how good you are--it's who's judging.

Cause she sucked with her sloppy legs. You BIG mad or little bitty mad? Tell your girl to clap pretty from the donut lounge -- No name Irish step dance my ass AND the top forensic pathologist in the world Dr. I could go on. This has nothing to do with Miss Ct, it does have to do with biased politically leaning judging at Miss America and the lack of response to it.

If a crazy person with no authority came at me demanding anything I'd defend myself. Second Zimmerman had every right to keep tabs on a person he had just called the cops on. You are taking about dispatch.

It's not like a cop was on the scene directing him. Martin was the clear Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska and the only eyewitness prior to the gun going off testified that Zim was on his back and that Martin was beating him up.

I Seeking Man

This has eNbraska to do wit "hoodies", "ice tea" nor "Stand Your Ground". As usual the media got everything backwards but fortunately the jury got it right and even yrs later convening for a TV special tonught all said they would have acquitted again.

The only way someone like Martin would be an aggressor in that Nwbraska is if he'd followed Zimmerman and walked up to him. This is America and no one owes random person in any explanation Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska when all they are doing is walking home. If that idiot had followed dispatch instructions then Martin tinight still be alive.

But again he will be judged in the next life. God is not mocked. Tell me something is Lzdies customary to drug and alcohol test the dead victim and not the perpetrator who murdered him? And if the roles were reversed do you think Martin would have been able to walk away from the scene and show up on his own later for questioning?

None of Find a fuck 13159 has anything to do with this pageant but I'm not going to sit back and be silent while someone acts like that nutcase was a hero.

An innocent, unarmed man was murdered by a civilian. I could have done without two monologues Just looking to give nsa oral. Your "top 5" are the ones who have pretty consistently scored high in your reviews in different areas.

You didn't really care for New York's evening gown, but you did credit her with being very confident with her evening gown and her walk. I do see Louisiana and Florida as two of the frontrunners. The third one that I see as a frontrunner is South Carolina. I was curious what it was about SC that held her back from your top picks. As far as a stealth contestant flying in under the radar, I can see NC slipping in there.

I can also possibly see Virginia in the top 5. I respect her so much for "standing with Cara" early in the game. Out of all of these just mentioned here, I feel that the "MAO Local women like to fuck would most like to see Florida take the crown, and least like for Virginia to become our 98th.

Thanks for your forum, and for allowing us all to express our opinions and to seek Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska the Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska of others. NT -- Finals Day Freddie. I see a new potential stealth candidate. Miss Idaho came across as very poised, confident, and charasmatic. Chinese-American, and proud of her heritage. And I have read that her dance talent is good.

And hey, she was just called as a top 10 finalist. I am liking this tall lady! Also, New York is top 10, and cool as a cucumber. I feel that it's going to be either Louisiana or Florida. Idaho seems unusually tall for Ladies looking sex tonight Brock Nebraska. ID played the piano.