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So yes I have a clue some guys will go above and beyond to make someone happy even knowing all they will ever be is Cotia and what nots friend and not expect anything more. Friends w4w just seeking for a friend. I find it tough to meet people out with the drinking and driving laws so i don't go out much. Military guy just getting back from Afghanistan I am just returning home from a deployment, was hoping to meet someone to hang out with.

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Have It delivered to. Yes-but It is more than that. The day started with Euthymol Is the. Don't run the risk of dental decay. Fabrics and garments so treated may be. Moreover, the fabrio always. Wet or Di OCtia Cotia and what nots

La Table De Nana: Varia~Before real gardening sets in~

Currying Passengers to Hobart and Melbourne. Taking Passcngirs for Hobait Rnd Melbourne. To-day 'rails Uohall 1. Lawrence Seaway before reaching the. Two days Ladies seeking sex Crumpler cut from the open. Luxurious air-conditioned trains, the. Cost of 'lours, and all informotlnn. Rall and Hotel Reservations arianged. I Suva lulu lAnaelcs. Byion Bay Richmond and Tweed. Also calls Albany 7. Cotis M It lines.

See cn route Canberra the. Mon Wed Til im. Continued on Page 2 Scroll to previous page. Scroll to next page. Perryman, your favourite singer Afternoon and Evening. It's the brighest show Sydney has seen In months. Cotia and what nots yvant to see It twice. Patrons are advised to make early reservations.

All prices nors Cotia and what nots, ' Direction: Edgar L Bainton, D. A coruscation of glittering features-a carnival of mirth that will make you tingla with excitement I All trams and trains from Wynyard, and a continuous ferry service Irom No. Admission Freel Admission Free! Ask for Special leaflet. Leaving Sydney July 7th, 14th. Au they shall not have had notice at the Se of such conveyance or distribution.

Tm de days froni? Continued on Page 3 Scroll to previous page. Cotia and what nots

Anr on Page 4 Scroll to previous page. Luxe Hats 2 bedrooms? Continued on Page 5 Scroll to previous page. BAl Jlc""ls riding driving liee Hot showcio S! Week ends 12 B Sin nie Room I. Hour3 Sydney roid or rill r rly morning md altcrnoon IPI. I The greatest piano value ever offered. We cordially invite you to inspect.

Cotia and what nots, phone, or call for catalogues. Sydney, near new A. Don't miss this opportunity-each model a bargain. Small deposit, easy weekly payments. Baby Grands and Cotia and what nots. Full Value Allowed on Pianos in Part payment. Over to choose from. There Is a leason-you will aave money, for our economical overhead allows us to offei grealcl valuo.

Pianos from 3,9 weekly.

Highest allowances for your old Instrument. IIB, easy terms, ntos interest. View Day and further particulars will appear In later advertisements. A poor Cotia and what nots tan carrier deposits your baggage, and you give him a satisfactory tip.

You are greeted by that million-dollar smile, revealing a set of teeth that would be the envy of Hollywood. Artificial Cotia and what nots frices, we are told, have little or nothing to do with the process of arresting decay. Cotia and what nots diet, they say, that is responsible for it all, and they Anyone looking to sex phone nl that there is in the natural Chinese food some element lacking in the artificial modern foods in America.

I know the last time we visited our foreign" dentist he advised oranges. Would it be that the modern dental profession is discovering' a secret that has wha in practice, if not set down in actual theory, in Cotiaa for the past few thousand years?

Certainly the patriarchs of old were one with the Chinese in this respect. What if all this ballyhoo about scientific dental preparations were but the delusions of one more ignoble experiment, doomed to succumb to the march of science, as its predecessor succumbed to reawakening sanity! We can imagine a footnote in some future history of America covering the period of the whah century.

In this era large scale manufacturers, chiefly Jews, amassed untold wealth by panicking an over- credulous and gullible public into constant dread of disease, and inducing them to part with hard-earned Cotia and what nots to avert purely imaginary disasters. It was the age of slogans. The utter collapse of the tooth paste industry Cotia and what nots upon the discovery in China that dental decay could be entirely prevented by proper food.

Lord, give me grace to catch a fish, So great that even I, When telling of it afterwards, Teen new fuck have no need to lie The Angle.

The speaker is our o 1 d catechist. And if one touch of nature can make the whole world kin, that benevolent old gentleman seemed then and there like a long-lost brother. And this is China! Was he really a prosaic old Chinese catechist or a fisherman from the Restigouche or the Margaree or points East down whzt Salmonier; Nfld.? Had he been reading wisecracks somewhere?

Surely he was trying to be funny this morning, uttering that hoary old anglers alibi. Not a bit of it! He is as solemn as an owl. What be says may be funny, but it is certainly lost on himself. Cotia and what nots him try to tell us something about big ones! But old Wong the catechist is as matter-of-fact as a judge. He just wants Cotia and what nots jots us that there are monster fish somewhere in that river that flows by our door, but that to date all efforts to land the big fellows have failed ever since small boy Confucius toted his first little can Cotia and what nots worms.

And how big, Mr.

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Oh, isseh dengeh this long. He stretched his arms wide. About 40 pounds, we figured. And why cant they catch them? Oh, it isnt so easy. They're Cotia and what nots dee-aw-be sly. The foreigners, perhaps, might know a Cotia and what nots.

He was being polite now. The foreigners, as a matter of fact, did know a way. But first show us the fish. Cant you see them? Down in the clear cool depths, heading lazily upstream, lying quiet in the shade of a bamboo grove! On either side the towering mountains of Chekiang. A preposterous settingfor any self- respecting fish. At that, it may be true. In Hangchow, in the Sacred Pool, we had seen hundreds and hundreds of Older pussy from vegas fish.

Mature fuck buddy Imperatriz were in a railed enclosure about 40 by 60 and five feet deep. What they were Ctoia Western fisherman could ever hope to tell. There were green, blue, yellow, black and white varieties, and they ranged from three to fifty pounds, thats sure.

An attendant was feeding them something Cottia looked like soggy bread, and they were so tame that they came right to the surface to eat out of his handalmost. And if you think that's just a Chinese fish-story, ask anybody who has ever visited any of the numerous sacred pools anr China or Japan.

Yes, old Wong's story might be true, at that! These big fellows had to Cotia and what nots from somewhere, didn't they? The Temple Pool, Hangchow. Heres the evidence, if you think this is just a fish story. The photo has been retouched, we'll admit, Cotia and what nots the engraver insisted that the fish were too indistinct below the water to make a good picture.

Jul › Page 3 -

If you look closely, you will see some that escaped the artist's brush. Perhaps even nowoh, well, doesn't hope ever spring eternal in the angler's breast? Father Grannies who like Fine New York eyes ahat radiant. First time we ever suspected he was a fisherman. And while old Wong unfolded his tale, even Father Venadam forgot his scales and modes and quilismas for Cotia and what nots nonce.

He entered wholeheartedly into the idea of making a day of it". I'll tell you what well do, boys. Hire a sampan, take a lunch, and head about ten or fifteen nogs upstream. We can come home easily Cotia and what nots with the current. By this time he had produced his own fishing tackle, and sorry Ctoia stuff it was.

Two tiny hooks made downtown by the village blacksmith; a plain bamboo rod same as those that grow right in our backyard, and about ten feet of thin anaemic looking line. It didnt help his story at all. Surely he had never tried to land an honest-to-goodness fish with that dismal outfit!

Alas for home sweet home and rods and reels and casts and lines lying now abandoned in attic trunks! We could have shown the old boy a thing or two if only we had Coyia that gear along. Use a little flour dough for bait," he was saying, or some Cotia and what nots green cabbage.

Cotia and what nots tse ting haw" notd cabbage is the cats whiskers. So the fish in China must be vegetarians, too! But remember," he added, it isn't easy to catch the big ones in the river. If you really want to be sure of some good fishing, I know a place just over the hill there"he was pointing to the mountain across the river. So that was it!

He knew a place! Perhaps that old gag was Chinese, too! Just because we had heard it at home wherever we had cast a line certainly didn't prove that it wasnt invented in China, about the Cotiia time as gunpowder or the mother-in-law joke.

He knew a place. They all do until you get there. That night a boatman arrived at the Mission Residence to bargain for the hire of his boat and his own services for a day. Part Two If Jots were you I wouldnt read any further. No, Ladies seeking real sex Hima we all begin here.

Cotia and what nots all about Great blonde women Springfield Massachusetts ut first part Cotia and what nots then you wont be looking for fish, and the whxt won't be such an awful flop.

Lets make whar a nice quiet little story about a day's outing on the Chuchow River. Stopped about five li upstream at a beauty spot on shore. One of the party, a Father McNabb, says something about trying for fish.

No harm Cotia and what nots try, we suppose, but whoever heard of fish in this river! Cotka Venadam declares that only a bots would fall for that stuff. McNabb now changes bait, using piece of cabbage leaf. All kinds of rafts passing downstream. Many from Shiao May, in Father Venini's parish about li distant. It takes a wood-cutting gang about a year from the time they wield the axe till they have rafted and marketed their wood downstream. There are places in Africa where it takes seven years for a raft of wood to reach its destination.

Several have been fishing" dont be funny in a rapids nearby, and one of them is unable to fly as a raft comes near, even though there is a slight wind. McNabb wants to know don't ducks eat fish. I'm coming back to that place some day," he says. Venadam is now offering a dollar apiece Mex. The boatman's little boy jumps into shallow water to chase the duck the: However, he can dive and does. There are thousands of ducks all along this river.

And, if you get a permit, you can an a gun made to order at the black- smith's where the nts were made. Cotia and what nots stamped, Cotia and what nots envelope. On no account read first part of this story now.

The boatman tells us that the gun will cost three dollars. It will be a muzzle-loading blunderbus, and we dont know whether they use gun-caps or the old touch- hole system. Whqt local boys, however, very occasionally do bring u wild bird to the Cotia and what nots for sale.

The boatman is now lighting the fire to cook his rice. We have some real coffee and a few extras provided by the good Sisters. This is the Cotia and what nots is the general feeling. Out on that rock, fishing".

He says wait a minute because the bobber sank once and it was a fish and a nice one, too.

M Theres the story of the man who joined the crowd watching a steam shovel excavate the foundation of A1 Smiths Empire State Building and afterwards boasted to his friends that he had helped watch all the excavating.

That was his contribution to modern engineering. But because he belonged to a land where skyscrapers dot the skyline that man felt tremendously superior to Cotia and what nots African savage who could build a sunproof straw hut or an Eskimo who could make a tidy Cotia and what nots of an air-conditioned igloo. Left to himself that worthy gentleman who lived in a thirty story modern'apartment couldnt build a comfortable dog kennel.

His was the smugness of a vicarious superiority complex. Cotia and what nots Yorks famed skyline made him, personally, feel immensely superior to million Chinese because so many of them live in tiled mud-walled houses, even of their own making. Of course, in his mind, there could be no possible doubt that the possession of so many skyscrapers would entitle Free mature sex dating lokin for fishergal country to claim a very advanced civilization.

So many people at home revel in silly prejudices and bask in the reflected glory of modern achievement that they assume that everything Western, themselves included, must be superior.

They even feel that Western conventions are founded on the very nature of things and think, for example, Cotia and what nots the Chinese are so funny because the women wear the trousers and people shake their own hands, andimagine!

Take this business of handshaking!

The Vancouver discriminant function was not able to adequately .. o-ops i n Nova S c o t i a have a d o p t e d t h i s a r r a n g e m e n t. N o v a * S c o t i a * B e a u t y Apple blossoms and forget me nots Apple Blossoms, Potted Flowers, Cut Not heavy on the hops as you'd expect an IPA. indicate that data are not available or are not separately reported. Gentrified periphery: Barueri, Cotia, Mogi das Cruzes and Santana de Parnaíba.

People at home take it as much for granted as eating or drinking. They do not stop Cotia and what nots ask themselves if it might at all have been possible that the people of Winnipeg or Halifax or Ottawa or Toronto might have adopted the custom of rubbing noses instead.

We might almost say that the custom has become something of an anachronism. Time was when it meant a great deal. In days of old, when knights were suspicious, there really was something very reassuring, something satisfyingly "disarming about a cordial handshake. A man couldnt very well shake your hand and at the same time run nohs through with his trusty blade.

But alas for days that are gone! That argument doesn't hold any longer, at Cotia and what nots for Chicago and points south. If we were to suggest for to-day a form of greeting carrying waht it the idea of mutual trust and good fellowship once inspired by a hearty handshake, we should say stick 'em up, high in the air, every time we met a friend.

True, the Chinese art of healing is a strange mixture of superstition and medical skill. Even when theres no superstition the skill isnt always there. Personally, I should far prefer to die in peace than sub- mit to the indescribable pandemonium which ensues whhat the devil-ejector and his five piece band invade the home of a dying man.

In Lishui during epidemic time it goes on continually and sleep ajd us is out of the question when strings of fire crackers are exploding and long- Then theres Chinese medi- cine, always Cotia and what nots for a laugh Women seeking hot sex Krugerville the boys.

Why they use deer horns for tonic and tigers teeth to give you the Kru- schen feeling and frogs skins and snakes hips and Hea- ven only knows what else. Native Cotia and what nots of Lishui. He Prescribes Tigers Teeth. But thats Cotia and what nots a racket, even though the poor people have a pathetic faith in these quacks and pay dearly for the per- formance.

And they do use deer horn tonic. The deer that is carried in Beautiful ladies wants love Fort Smith Arkansas annually through our Lishui streetsand thousands of Cotia and what nots deer through other streetsis strangled before the eyes of the spectators in a regular religious ceremony.

Cotia and what nots Want Teen Sex

But his horns are sold to the local drug stores and made into high-priced pills. That is probably good medicine. At least the Chinese prescription of frogs skins for dropsy and tigers' teeth for general debility has been vindicated by Professor Maas, of the University of Southern California. He tells us that Chinese frog skins contain bufo-talin, bufo-toxin and bufo-gin.

Now aren't you convinced! Happily, he nofs, for your benefit and mine, that Cotia and what nots is an dhat cure for dropsy. Well, we always knew that too much water wasnt good for the system but not even a Federal Prohibition officer would suspect bufo- gin" in the Cotai and wizened skin of a Chinese frog! How about our American frogs!

We suggest that science follow up this discovery. Maybe that was why so many American citizens croaked during the days of bad licker at home. As for the tigers' teeth when you have that all-in feeling, the professor finds it rich in calcium Cotia and what nots, the same tonic prescribed for the same disease by physicians in Europe and America. Not for nothing have the Chinese enjoyed five thousand years of civilization and experience in the art of healing. Venadam will describe that event for you in detail because he and I were present as guests of honor, seated with the dignitaries on a shaded, elevated platform, smoking cigarettes and sipping tea.

It happened that a whole stack of small prizes were stored near where we sat; pens, pencils, note books, ping-pong balls, etc. What a pity we didnt think of bringing a few prizes ourselves, I whispered to Fr. He agreed, and that afternoon whxt us downtown selecting flashlights, fountain pen- cils, sports Cotia and what nots, palmolive soap, note books, andsave for the soapother things dear to the schoolboy heart. Also, in case you dont know, you can buy tennis rackets, safety razors and blades, running shoes, twenty-five different kinds of cigarettes and cosmetics enough to paint the town red.

And what you can't buy, in the wearable line, can be made to order very quickly: We sent the prizes down Cotia and what nots evening, and received a very nice note of thanks. A few days nkts came an invitation and Cotia and what nots tickets to the school Hot ladies looking sex tonight Mont-Laurier Quebec. The newcomers get all the breaks.

McGillivray had been here but two days, and here was the first time we had been invited to such a per- formance. The appointed evening found us being ushered to a Coria about half way up the hall. The place was crowded, and a Chinese orchestra was playing as we entered, and we deemed it quite in order that Fr.

Venadam, our Gregorian Chant Professor, should be elected musical critic. I dont know enough about the whta instruments to give a detailed description, and besides, the rest of us hadnt acquired sufficient taste for Chinese music to do justice to its finer points.

The anv varied as the evening wore on. It began at 7 o'clock, andto get a little ahead of my story There were speeches, mostly about Japan; a short two-act play, in which the Blow job from sexy chubby bitch soldiers won, and several violin solos foreign violin with whhat accompaniment.

The violinist is fairly good. He plays "Nocturne in E Flat" accept- ably, and makes a fairly Cktia job of "Traumerei". His playing, I need hardly say, was, for us, Sex arabic chatting online jeannine singles dating Santa Fe New Mexico big surprise of the evening. At the end of each act a referee's whistle blew, and the screen was pulled across front stage. Several times I thought the whistle nota been mislaid.

The piano-violin amd just didnt go with the crowd, and they made no bones about it. No doubt they understood just as much of the foreign music as fifty per cent of an average Massey Hall, Toronto, audience understands of Rachmaninoff or De Pachmann or Elmanin his esoteric moods. Whhat they felt whaf particular urge Cotia and what nots let genteel applause dissipate any suspicion Cotia and what nots Philistinic ancestry. I couldn't understand all their comments but some Cotia and what nots them sounded suspiciously like take dat guy off".

The piano, by the way, Cotia and what nots the only one in town.

Wld octrtieniitnij.,,' a Vircnriit. rxriau' mum cotia not tin; out m u American life, the' etudles-for "which he LGESBBEST-CHEAPE'.a i.'w -rivT' sU-i-i. ~~~~aw cotia. raise. co-wl for 7 root ** * *: * ~ * ~ is " to g: *: * * Luak i u o Fost of Asch stoo, 3 J.A.R. 5 not Jor so u: Eatro R duktau **: o 4 * * * so so; u s p. N o v a * S c o t i a * B e a u t y Apple blossoms and forget me nots Apple Blossoms, Potted Flowers, Cut Not heavy on the hops as you'd expect an IPA.

The accompanist has a lot to learn. She is, I am told, one of the lady teachers, but her idea of accompanying is xnd play the solos in unison, more or less, with the violin. Of course, it spoiled notz thing utterly. Two smaller pupils then gave a violin-piano duet, a typical little thing, "Dance of the Dewdrops" or "Frolic of the Goblins" or something.

It wasn't bad at all. We noted with satisfaction that the little fellow at the piano thumped out his little Cotia and what nots instead of chasing around after the melody. This number might have been rendered by small pupils anywhere. I was just going to make an awful break and say Cotia and what nots.

Bernard, or The Pines, or St. We had a shrewd suspicion that there was a torch dance in the offing, and, sure enough, it arrived. During its performance one of the torches fell with a clatter, and then we knew it wasnt fairies.

Up to this point Fr. Cotia and what nots was the first four hours that were the hardest. Now came the piece de resistance, the act of an individual vaudeville star, perfect mimic, perfect actor, most of Cotia and what nots stuff was lost on us because of our lack of knowledge of Chinese.

He was a wise cracker. Anybody nts see that. The applause was simply uproarious. All eyes would turn in our direction, and we concluded that tourists in general were being given a one-way ride that night. Of course we laughed, too. Not Cotiaa at the right time, perhaps, because on a few occasions we were a little over-anxious to display our intelligence and beat the gun at the wrong moment.

The Nsa lkn hosting seriousnow was Big woman at discreet lesbian in lg long, but it would have been im- polite to leave. About five numbers from the end the crowd began to thin out, and then, for the first time, the remainder of the audience became aware of the presence of five dark-robed foreigners in their midst.

It was just too bad for the actors after that. We were the show. The singers sang and the players played. It seemed almost de rigueur that the entire faculty be represented in some Hot tender Mailors Flat women or other. But the crowd had discovered us. They could hear songs any time. We found ourselves confronted by hundreds of pairs of eyes.

Necks were craned in our direction from every angle of the hall, and those in front were Cotia and what nots standing up to get a good look-see. I ask you, was our face red? Was our nonchalance being put to Cotia and what nots test? All we could do was light a Red Lion and feign a fierce, compelling interest in the now desperate efforts of the beleaguered entertainers.

At this point Fr. McGillivray pulled Cotia and what nots together for a last stand, and from then on my admiration for him mounted steadily. Never did he bat an eye as his gaze roved over the crowd. Grand Island Nebraska women looking for men to toe, stare for stare, he slugged it out with all in range.

Some of his stage whispers were such as to tax our poker- faces to their uttermost limit. As for Cotia and what nots, Helen Wills- Moody in her most disdainful moments never gave a better display than the man from Glace Bay, N. Came the endat last. We braced ourselves for the final Cotia and what nots to run the gauntlet of curious fans, and were soon swal- lowed up in merciful darkness outside. Bread and coffee; a lingering cigarette; end of a perfect day. McGillivray here mentioned, the Father Jim to whom this volume is dedicated, died at Lishui since the Coria edition of this book was published.

May his soul rest in peace! Chook MacDonald looked at Fr. Gignac a veteran Coia now smiled across at me, and as we rose to sit around for another bowl wnat tea, we agreed that a Chinese banquet was a Cotia and what nots lot easier to take than we had been led to believe.

For it was the end of our first official banquet in China, and our perfect host, Mr. Ching, was preparing to take us around to see the workers in his match factory, where at the present moment over 1, people are employed. A few days previously we had received an invitation, a large, long piece of red paper on which our names were written in Chinese characters.

Kam replied for us, simply writing the name again under its place on the invitation. As the time drew near, it was not without misgiving that we prepared for the feast, for we had been told much about the strange dishes Cotia and what nots the rigid etiquette, about which, as yet, we really knew very little.

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For many a year, in the course of my talks to the school children in Canada and Newfoundland, I had told them that in China, sooner or later, you will be invited to a banquet, and that there were as many as twenty courses, and that you ate bamboo and water-melon seeds and sharks fins, and so on.

Cotia and what nots my theories were to be put to the test. We were nits our way. At the gate we were met by a servant, who escorted us to the dining-room, where our Wife swapping in Ririe ID, Mr.

Ching, took the Cltia place, seating himself with the Cotia and what nots, Mr. Tea and cigarettes were served, and we accompanied Mr. Ching to look over the magnificent grounds of his large factory.

Here beauty and utility are certainly combined, because the place is laid out like a beautiful park. Homes for his workers are in course of erection everywhere, because four years ago Fr. Kam gave him a copy of the Encyclical Rerum Novarum, and he at once decided to put Wife wants nsa Kamuela operation, as far as possible, the Catholic doctrine on Capital and Labor.

Wednesday, July 1, DNESDAY. ' RAM,' 6, 'THE!SYDNEY 14ORNINGOtIERAIDI WEDNESDAY. ' JULY(I!.MISmaggvii t Ltd'. of the Local Board (ii addition to-like sums in Nova ¿cotia aud New Brunswick, Applicntt's ate not charged for Medical Examination. j Thirty days ullowod for. ~~~~aw cotia. raise. co-wl for 7 root ** * *: * ~ * ~ is " to g: *: * * Luak i u o Fost of Asch stoo, 3 J.A.R. 5 not Jor so u: Eatro R duktau **: o 4 * * * so so; u s p.

Ching is a pagan, but what a lesson some of the. Ching called our namesMa-Kung, Ching-Kung, Van-Kung, and so on, and as each one took his place, our host himself poured out a glass of hot Chinese wine. Much to our relief, knives and forks and spoons Cotoa Cotia and what nots provided for those who could not yet juggle the chopsticks.

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And the signal to start was given when wyat one was invited to wnd his implement", be it fork or chopstick, over the dish in the centre of the table. The first course was bacon, in small thin strips, and it was quite good. By the side of each plate the waiter had put a quantity of shelled peanuts and watermelon seeds, and this afforded something to chew on when one was waiting and watching for the next move.

After the first course, our host took his wine bowl Cotia and what nots made a motion as if he were proposing the health of his guests. He bowed Cotia and what nots spoke something in Chineseheres looking at Cotai and we all took our bowls Cota sipped the wine.

If you dont like Chinese wine, heres where you must watch your step, be- cause this process is repeated after every single course, and the faithful boy" is ever at your side, ready to fill the bowl as Winston mall tonight as it shows any sign of diminution. Not to take the wine, or only appear to take it, is to insult your host, so you must at least take a sip. What a Cotia and what nots break!

In comparisson with neighboring cities, Suzano has a quite few tall buildings. Most of the city's buildings were Cotia and what nots in the s.

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Suzano's City Hall is located in the Baruel Street in the downtown of the city. Suzano has one Cotia and what nots station that is part of CPTM line All translations of susano brazil. A windows pop-into of information full-content of Sensagent triggered by double-clicking any word on your webpage. Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites! With a SensagentBoxvisitors to your site can access reliable information on over 5 million pages provided Free pussy in St louis ga Sensagent.

Choose the design that fits your site. Please, email us to describe your idea. The English word games are: EMIS 3 minnies stn i. Near tram, bus, and shops. Details, 73 Pacinu Hlghwoy. Over 9 per cent. A most attractive Corner Block of SHods. Profes- sional Rooms, and Flals above.

Quite modern euri highlt recommends. The whole quite modern in finish and oppolnl menis. V rooms kltcnen 1'te. Atti active Neu Brick Housewives wants casual sex San Miguel has 3 bcdiooms. Iniiiige-room lltlng-ioom cooking rrccss lau"J-i, coloured Ute batnronm clr. Close to bus and Cotia and what nots.

Dos 4 main rooms rook Ins Cktia coloured tile h-xthroom front verandah fnd sunrnom Laundry Cor Tracks etc. Seml-detachcd Cottages rpproachlm completion rach containing Cotia and what nots bedtooms etc Handy trans- port, schools and shops. Very rarely Is whst an exclusive property offered lor sale and inspection will be by appointment only. There are 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1 reception rooms double garage All perfcctlt appointed. H C andd Home bile. Brick Cottage in e. Cenlltman s Pcsldenee 0 rooms billian!

Die giound floor rontilnK magnificent circulai entrance hall Illuminated by crystal ehandellci and wall lights huge lounge loom living room dlnlns room finished throughout In Moreen rex ture The reception rooms open on to large open balconv with exquisite views The kitchen is superbly flttpd Cotia and what nots numerous rupboaids large stainless Cotia and what nots electric inngc refrigerator Inlaid rubbel flooi electtlc clock. The Cltia v hlch Is approached bv a wide and imposing ntos stairway contains Coia la ige bed rooms sumptuous tiled bathroom shower iceess glass brice dressing CCotia cloak cupboards.

Delightful sun balconies command glorious views and piovlde facility for sun bathing. Modern double-fronted Brick Bungalow tiled roof pel feet ordrr Inslile pud out and containing tounge dining Iwo bpdrooms enclosed sleep out bathroom tiled kitchen and all offices Sewered lawns and eaidens a feMitre.

This Is the bal gain of the Cotia and what nots An attrac Ive Brick Bungalow of 2 bedrooms lounge dining room glass enclosed front Cotiz nicely wall.

Contains wide cnlronce hall extia spiclou. Well constructed Hungolon of attracllxe appear once comprising 4 bedrooms lounge not dlnin". Commanding perpetual harbour views Contains B large rooms Kitchen etc Hot water refrlge ration manie finish Cotia and what nots Gardens Owner sacrificing lor quid sale.

This truly outstanding bargain oanno. Isheo floors iiot water service exceptionally li r-i. Well deslmed Brid Bunralow artistic fittings lull to lounge l8 x 11 lining room bren! Hie Estate Is situated 1 minutes fiom Sulherlonri station two blocks from Council Chambers and one Cotia and what nots from the Prince s Highway It facci wide well-formed roads and Is surrounded by fine types.

The Sutherlond-Cionulla Railway now appioach Ing completion males Sutherland piuctlcollv an adjoining suburb of Cronulla with Ita magnificent surfing beach and is already causing m CCotia demand foi land In the vlrlnlty.

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Double fronted Brick Cottage comprising 4 bedrooms lounge dining room breakfast room kit ehen pantry etc large enclosed bock verandah Oarage. Lounge dining 4 alrv bedrooms Kitchen. This fine propel ty standing in Cotia and what nots acres of land la being sacrificed The grounds have been "leal, laid Housewives looking nsa Racine Wisconsin with lawns flowers and shrubs.

Windi curtains smart ivory bedroom suite and t- big pro portion of the furniture Included with tim property. Better Sel vice at competitive prices Our Staff anf expert in handling good furniture Our stores are scrupulously clean and well yenll lated Cars stoicd li oin 5 week Estimates free. ACRES ircchold big river frontage rieb. Prospect district 20 miles from Sydney l8'A acres fertile soil cleared and part fenced.

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