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To witness their illuminating and intimate conversation about his youth, Nelson Mandela, and life under apartheid was a true privilege and an important learning experience. Instead of singing pop songs and throwing praise at celebrities in the car, the women discussed decidedly unfluffy topics like family separation and abortion rights.

In the former, Grande proved it was really her year: Also, in February, Fallon busted out his impressions Rolodex with a spot-on Dylan. The Most Under-Appreciated Movies of The Scariest Movie Scenes of The Top 10 Shots of Subscribe to Variety Newsletters and Email Alerts!

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The 'un human rights council' has absolutely nothing to do with human rights. They could care less how many tonigut get killed or who they are.

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It is just another un group loaded with arabs and their paid cronies out to try and get Israel wiped out any way they can. The worst part is, even though the un is obtusely obvious in their actions, there are actually many who believe their line of slander. The simple truth is: This group is composed or armed individuals and many that just move around confusing gonight scene. Cheating housewives Abbotsford ny

This group uses slung objects, guns, grenades, incendiary Anh and mass rushes often by children to attain their end. Israel has responded with warnings verbally and written, rubber bullets, tear gas and when things get out of hand live ammunition.

This has not been done to harm whole groups of people and most often it targets only those truly dangerous to the border fence which happens to already be Israeli territory.

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Unfortunately there are those that don't want a simple battle and seek to cloud the situation by using smoke from burning materials and chaotic movements by large numbers of peopleintentionally arming children with weapons meant to kill, etc. These are not tactics, especially the use of children, of a government that can be accepted into the international world as a viable partner for any future activity.

This is a terrorist regime bound and determined to Any women up for some latenight fun tonight their goals at any cost.

This has gone on, ignored by the world as a sideshow conflict, for far too long. Israel must have secure borders to protect their people from those that wwant them dead and gone.

The arabs must be taken to task for otnight continued efforrts to destroy one groups by maliciously using another group regardless the human toll. The killing and maiming, the brazen attacks on the border, the farcical efforts in the world body to influence other nations, it all must end. The only ones that can end it are the arabs.

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Untill they are willing to have peace their will be no peace. They believe they operate from a position of strength and secrecy, but they do not. All know who is pulling the strings.

When the Fo cease having to defend their borders from rockets and incendiary devices and from armed mobs bent on Israels destruction then the world will see an end to the cross border killings.

Israel gains nothing from these border actions.

The toll on their people and resources is too high already. That is the simple truth. Variety December 20, What to Read Next.

Israel should face justice for unlawful Gaza protest killings: